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Here's a Shiny Gumshoos to you guys and everyone is able to get one!

How to enter:
1) YOU MUST FIRST comment your IGN (In game name) and share this post to ANOTHER Pokémon community, unless you will be ineligible to receive this gift
2) Deposit a Spinarak with the name "G+ Sun Moon" (found on Route 1 at night) in the GTS asking for a Level 91 to 100 Gumshoos

Giveaway ends Saturday at midnight

I will distribute the Shiny Gumshoos when I can. Enjoy! :D

NOTE: Comment with only your IGN, nothing else. No extra stuff. Example: "IGN: Palex". If you want to say extra stuff, then you may do so in another comment. It's easier to read everyone's IGN when it's only that and I like to keep everything neat and organized. Thank you
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Hi im the owner of this community this is the community of sharing friend codes and talking about games on 3ds my friend code is 3626 - 3230 - 0495
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