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Welcome to the world of digimon and the future here are a few rules and what the profile template will look like. For now we're in Arc 1.
1: be kind unless your bad guy please don't go overboard.
2: no option
3: if you get hit you get hit
4: there will be six digidestined for now but anyone can be a tamer
5: if your a digidestined don't go overboard
6: you can have as many profiles as you want.
Rank; digidestined/Tamer
Crest: if your a digidestined

I have no idea what digimon should be my partner.

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Name: Willow (Goes by Will)
Age: 14
Gender: female
Rank : Tamer
Partner: Lucemon (Rookie)
Likes: Reading (Often mentioning past books she has read), watching plays, adores sticky toffee pudding
Dislikes: Being Ill, Exercise and maths.
Personality: Gentle but cheerful. Although, she does sometimes daydream a tad too often.
Bio: Willow was given her name after a willow tree that her parents loved, it was given to her in the hope that one day she would be just as strong as one. Unfortunately, hope hasn't worked. She is chronically ill, although she does manage, with an illness little research has been done into. The irony of having a guardian angel for a partner, right? Anyway, she's the baby of a large family with brothers and sisters being strong tamers, many years ago some were digidestined but fate missed out on willow for that one.
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Name: lily
Age: 12
Gender: female
Rank; digidestined
Partner: ryudamon
Crest: Courage
Likes: dragons food sports
Dislikes: school studying
Personality: kind sweet childish
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Name: zetsubou kurasaki (goes by zetsu)
Age: 14
Gender: male
Rank: Tamer
Partner: dracomon
Likes: books, card games, computers and digimon
Dislikes: bullys,hackers and terrible books
Personality: kind,shy,reckless
bio: zetsubous name means despair but he was called that to show even if his name meant despair he still had hope and can be nice to people which is true. Zetsubou is very different from others because his family has no relationship with digimon until he found out his father was a tamer but quit when his family was in danger. Zetsubou knowing this still wanted to know about digimon and started trying to make a program in a club he was in at his school after he was complete dracomon appeared before him as his partner and he kept dracomon as a secret to protect him from any dangers and his family from trouble. he is very shy when talking with new people. he mostly uses his free time to read books or play card games and at home to work on his computer.
(new profile I made for him)
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i was walking around the city quietly with Ryudamon in my arms as he was staying still. I walked with an emotionless look thinking to myself
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