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These are my oc for black butler and black butler high school

1st :amaya penaso
2d : willow caravan
Btw amaya eyes are yellow in the black butler but the high school she has brown but she wears contacts
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Name Lauren Anntionate
Demon/human ect Dark Angel
sex female
Age 13
Specialty following people in shadows
Bio was born from an Angle and Filthy Rich noble man in England don't know why she became a Dark Angel

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My Profile

Name: Sayuki Azumi

Gender Female

Age: 14

Species: Human

Occupation: none

Rank: Princess

Knows : The Queen, the Phantomhive/ Midford family

Personality: quiet, afraid, shy. cute/adorable/sweet, very intelligent and mysterious

Likes: singing, writing songs, playing piano/violin, drawing, cats, the stars, her parents and butler she lost, find friends, Gothic-Lolita, wearing chokers, ...

Dislikes: Murders, kidnappers, perverts

Bio/Backstory: She is the royal child of the most known royal couple in japan...
She was with her parents in london to visit the queen(In relationship)...
...While walking she saw a tall strange looking man, she left the hands of their parents, followed the man until she lost him out of sight and no longer knew where she was ...
She lost her parents with 2 years and saw them never again...
A strange man appears, and kidnapped her to an occult ritual to summon a demon...
A month later the police found the missing child with a tall, blond haired man, with blue eyes and a black suit.... they asked who it is, she anwers It's her butler.....

(Is it ok if I add Soundtracks I found for her?)


Her singing voice sounds like this:

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Hello fellow Black Butler lovers!  
Im Emi,
nice to meet you all!
When you join:
Type: (demon, human etc.)
Role: (student, teach. etc.)
place: (earl ect.)
Oh and for now, The principal role is open because I am  a student. But i will tell you wich class ur in until we have a principal. THX!
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