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[Name Red]

[Age 21]

[Gender Male]

[Race human]

[Sexuality straight]

[Height 5'5]

[Weight 130]

[Birthday. December/9/93]

[Social sigh Sagittairus]

[Weapon Ax]

[Pokemon pooches]

[Likes reading, training, playing jokes, nice people]

[Dislikes mean people]

[Personality he's. Kind and like his mother. Little Red Riding. Hood go to see his grandma and sometimes talk to wolf's ]

[Bio Red growth. Up with his head. In the clouds he away help others one day. He found. A hurt pooches and nuse it back. To heath with. His mother. Help now he and Pooches is read to see the rest of the world]

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for anyone who cannot see the first one 

~Starter Pokemon~

    Geodude, Roggenrola, and Bonsly.
    Deino, Dratini, and Goomy.
    Meowth, Eevee, and Teddiursa. 
    Poliwag, Staryu, and Buizel.
    Growlithe, vulpix, and Magby
    Paras, Snivy, and Tangela.
    Tyrogue, Makuhita, and Riolu.
    Hoothoot, Gligar, and Spearow.
    Pichu, Shinx, and Elekid. 

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 I'm going to win this one.
 I guess i get this one!
 Well there's always next time. 

[Name] Eyos Necross
[Nickname] Kid
[Age] 15
[Gender] Male
[Race] Human
[Sexuality] Straight 

[Hair]  _Picture_
[Height]  6.1ft
[Apparel] Picture
[Birthday] February second.

[Zodiac]  Aquarius.
[Weapon] Scythe (Looks like picture)

[Starter] Roggenrola
[Likes] Pokemon, trees, and people. 
[Dislikes] Just about everything else and putting Pokemon in pokeballs.

[Personality] Cocky but modest. Has a tendency to be quite submissive unless a compromise arises. He always takes revenge, and can be quite devious.

[Bio] I am Eyos Necross, I have always loved Pokemon. I don't spend much time with others tending to stray away from groups. As a young boy I would like to walk in the woods. One day I found a small cave with glowing rocks. I would spend hours in the cave and even slept with the Pokemon in the cave at points. Then one day the entrance collapsed on me forcing me deeper into the cave. There I found my life long partner Roggenrola. We explored the cave to find an exit in the bottom of the cave, where I found my weapon. The words scrawled in the dirt near it read... "You have been chosen to take this blade this is the gem encrusted scythe of fate you now own it. It will change form based on the Pokemon you choose to be your partner."
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