How foreign companies can boost business in the UAE
For many foreign companies the Dream to expanding their business in a growing market like Dubai often remains a challenge. However, Companies can overcome this through an access of tailor-made advice and full assistance by professional and experts who have strong knowledge on the procedures involved in setting up a foreign branch office and Representative Office in UAE. The procedure itself involves a tedious set of government approvals and paper work which is intimidating to many.
Therefore in the following lines I would walk you briefly through the process of incorporating a foreign branch office in UAE and a representative office addressing most commonly asked questions in understanding the major difference between the two.
What is a Foreign Branch Office?
Let us first understand what a Foreign Branch actually is. Simply it can be described as a branch of an office of an International Company established in a foreign Country. The branch office can enter into commercial dealings unless you are a Trading company.
What is major difference between Representative office and branch of a foreign company?
The major difference here is that a branch office is a branch of a foreign company and may enter into commercial dealings based on the activity of the parent company. On other hand a representative office is also a branch of a foreign company but is only allowed to market the products and services of the parent company. You can also say that a representative office acts more like a marketing office and a local point of liaising for the sake of having the parent’s company presence in the region.
Can a Foreign Branch office in UAE carry out any business or enter commercial deals for the Parent company?
It depends on the parent company activity. If the Parent company is into trading than you cannot open a branch in mainland Dubai. However, certain professional activities are allowed based on approvals from the licensing authorities. The Foreign Branch office in UAE is not allowed to carry on any business or conduct any commercial deal by itself.

How to establish a foreign branch office in UAE?
To establish a branch or a representative office in Dubai, a foreign company needs to go through a very detailed process which involves a lot of visits and approvals from the government. However to briefly sum it up, the following steps would give you an overview on what you could expect during the incorporation procedure;
• Identify and appoint a local service Agent with the help of your consultant or consulting firm.
• Next is to get an initial approval from Dubai Economic Department (DED)
• Than follow registration procedures which involves a number of other steps with the Ministry of Economy
• Select your office or office location.
• Submit all the document with the approvals from the respective authorities back to DED to receive the license.
Although this process may seem lengthy and tiring but appointing an expert to handle the incorporation often saves time, money and unnecessary hassle.
From my personal experience, foreign companies would trust verified professionals and consultants working under the umbrella of a renowned firm such ADAM Global. In the current year alone I have been able to successfully incorporate many companies wishing to expand their business operation in UAE.
How Can Rohit Blaggan Help?
Rohit Blaggan is an experienced Business Consultant & Business Growth Manager who can provide cost-effective, practical and tailor-made advice and full assistance in registering Foreign branch office in the UAE.
He has assisted many prominent foreign as well as local companies in establishing their presence in the UAE. To get in touch for more information or requesting a proposal, Rohit can be reached on the below details anytime!
Contact: 00971 566517697

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Thinking how can you hold a 100% ownership business in Dubai? We can provide the appropriate information.

JAFZA, Jabel Ali free zone it’s not only the free zone but also one of the Emirates, this can be the best decision for you because of its expense excluded approach and breath taking network to the whole city. If you are intending to setup association advancement in Dubai, a bit of focal points offered by JAFZA are as beneath:

• 100% foreign ownership authorization
• Exemption from income and corporate tax payment.
• No restriction on currencies
• Exemption from import and re-export duties
• Organizations can have a local bank account for conducting routine business transactions
• No personal or corporate tax policies
• Convenient location near Jebel Ali port and Dubai airport allows convenient logistics to transport hubs

Let us take you through simple 3 steps to register with the JAFZA:

• Application Submission
• Selection of products, registration of the company and payment
• Receive license and product
For further details feel free to contact

Velita Aroza
Business Sales Associate
ADAM Global
Mobile: +971504883495


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Why Business Plan is important? And how do write your business plan.

Executive Summary, your executive summary is a snapshot of your business plan as a whole and touches on your company profile and goals

These are the aspects which Business plan covers

1. Company Description
2. Market Analysis
3. Organization & Management
4. Service or Product Line
5. Marketing & Sales
6. Funding Request
7. Financial Projections

We ADAM Global can help you deal with all these aspects

Feel free to contact us anytime at 971- 504883495 or drop an email at

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Why feasibility study is important to start business?

In simple terms, a feasibility study involves taking a judgment call on whether a project is doable.


Gives project teams more focus and provides an alternative outline.
Narrows the business alternatives
Identifies a valid reason to undertake the project
Enhances the success rate by evaluating multiple parameters
Aids decision-making on the project

How ADAM Global can help you?

We can help you in all the aspects and different sectors of feasibility study

For free consultation you can reach us at 00971 - 054883495 or write us an email

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How do I set up a business in Dubai?

5 Steps to Start a Trading Company in Dubai

1. Plan your business. You can start your company in one of the 25+ free zones
2. Consult with a company registration agent (We can do that for you)
3. Select the activity and the jurisdiction
4. Find a Sponsor if you are registering locally( We can do that for you)
5. Get itemized costs for your company setup

Hereby, if you are considering to join hands in this constructive program, kindly contact on the below mentioned details.

Feel free to contact on 00971 - 054883495 or write us an email

Looking forward to serve your referrals and to build a mutually beneficial relationship

Thank you

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Cross Link International is able to provide you Business Setup, Visa process and PRO Services in whole Dubai. CLI will be save your time and also we will guide you the right things about the new setup in UAE under the instructions of our expert consultants. Our mission is to add value and support to our Business partners/clients and ensure the experience of working together is professional and successful. Our aim is to expand our business internationally to emerge as a global service providers by offering high quality services and making it easier for entrepreneurs across the world to form their Business in Dubai and all over UAE.

General Trading License with 5 visas - AED 35,000/
Lowest Company Setup with 2 visas & flexi office - AED 14,800/
Trading License with 2 visas & flexi office - AED 21,950/
Dubai Free Zone License with 2 visas & flexi office - AED 29,920/
Service License with 6 visas & flexi office - AED 30,000/
Start a company without NOC letter from sponsor - AED 14,000/
Offshore License within 2 working days - AED 7,500/
Payable in monthly installments - AED 2,053/
General Trading License with 2 visas - AED 27,250/-

M: 0565076443
T: 043216631

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UAE Free Zones are designed according to specific or different business industry categories and offer licenses to companies and entities within those classifications. Each free zone is managed by separate Independent Free Zone Authority, and this authority is responsible for issuing business permits and licenses, employee visa and regulating the business requirements. Cross Link International will support you and help out to get these license and permits from the respective authority. We are working in all over the UAE and we will save yours time and money it is guaranteed.

Payable in monthly installments - AED 2,053/
Offshore License within 2 working days - AED 7,500/
General Trading License with 2 visas - AED 27,250/
Service License with 6 visas & flexi office - AED 30,000/
Trading License with 2 visas & flexi office - AED 21,950/
General Trading License with 5 visas - AED 35,000/
Start a company without NOC letter from sponsor - AED 14,000/
Dubai Free Zone License with 2 visas & flexi office - AED 29,920/
Lowest Company Setup with 2 visas & flexi office - AED 14,800/-

E: info(at)crosslink(dot)ae
M: 00971565076443
T: 0097143216631
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