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Leader: Pinestar-red-brown tom with green eyes
Deputy: Sunfall-bright ginger tom with yellow eyes
Medicine Cat(s): Goosefeather-speckled gray tom with pale blue eyes
Apprentice, Featherwhisker
Stonepelt-gray tom

Stormtail-blue-gray tom with blue eyes

Adderfang-mottled brown tabby tom with yellow eyes

Tawnyspots-light gray tabby tom with amber eyes

Sparrowpelt-big, dark brown tabby tom with yellow eyes

Smallear-gray tom with very small ears and amber eyes
Apprentice, Whitepaw

Thrushpelt-sandy-gray tom with white flash on his chest and green eyes

Robinwing-small, energetic brown she-cat with ginger patch on her chest and amber eyes

Fuzzypelt-black tom with fur that stands on end and yellow eyes

Windflight-gray tabby tom with pale green eyes
Apprentice, Dapplepaw

Speckletail-pale tabby she-cat with amber eyes
Apprentices: Featherwhisker-pale silvery tom with bright amber eyes, long whiskers, sweeping, plumy tail; apprentice to the medicine cat

Dapplepaw-tortoiseshell she-cat with beautiful dappled coat

Whitepaw-pale gray she-cat, blind in one eye
Queens: Swiftbreeze-tabby-and-white she-cat with yellow eyes(mother of Leopardkit, black she-cat with green eyes, and Patchkit, black-and-white tom with amber eyes)

Moonflower-silver-gray she-cat with pale, yellow eyes(mother of Bluekit, gray she-cat with blue eyes, and Snowkit, white she-cat with blue eyes)

Poppydawn-long-haired, dark red she-cat with a bushy tail and amber eyes
Elders: Weedwhisker-pale orange tom with yellow eyes

Mumblefoot-brown tom, slightly clumsy, with amber eyes

Larksong-tortoiseshell she-cat with pale green eyes

Leader: Cedarstar-very dark gray tom with a white belly
Deputy: Stonetooth-gray tabby tom with long teeth
Medicine Cat(s): Sagewhisker-white she-cat with long whiskers
Warriors: Raggedpelt-large, dark brown tabby tom

Foxheart-bright ginger tom

Crowtail-black tabby she-cat
Apprentice, Cloudpaw

Brackenfoot-pale ginger tom with dark ginger legs

Archeye-gray tabby tom with black stripes and a thick stripe over one eye

Hollyflower-dark gray-and-white she-cat
Apprentices: Cloudpaw-N/A*
Queens: Featherstorm-brown tabby she-cat

Poolcloud-gray-and-white she-cat
Elders: Lizardfang-light brown tabby tom with one hooked tooth

Littlebird-small-ginger tabby she-cat
* It should be noted that in this volume only the ThunderClan Apprentices were given a section to themselves. *Foxheart is mistakenly called a tom within the allegiances of this book.

Leader: Heatherstar-pinkish-gray she-cat with blue eyes
Deputy: Reedfeather-light brown tabby tom
Medicine Cat(s): Hawkheart-mottled dark brown tom with yellow eyes
Warriors: Dawnstripe-pale gold tabby with creamy stripes
Apprentice, Tallpaw

Redclaw-dark ginger tom
Apprentice, Shrewpaw
Apprentices: Tallpaw-N/A*

Queens: None Listed
Elders: Whiteberry-small, pure white tom
* It should be noted that in this volume only the ThunderClan Apprentices were given a section to themselves.

Leader: Hailstar-thick-pelted gray tom
Deputy: Shellheart-dappled gray tom
Medicine Cat(s): Brambleberry-pretty white she-cat with black spotted fur and blue eyes
Warriors: Rippleclaw-black-and-silver tabby tom

Timberfur-brown tom

Owlfur-brown-and-white tom

Ottersplash-white-and-pale-ginger she-cat
Apprentices: None Listed
Queens: Lilystem-pale gray queen (mother to Crookedkit (tabby tom) and Oakkit (brown tom)

Fallowtail-light brown queen (mother to Graykit and Willowkit)
Elders: Troutclaw-gray tabby tom

+Madison Rose 

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