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A recap about Gamesome external storage support: Will this solution be ok for you? Feedbacks are welcome!


I have the new GPD XD+.
- I save all apps and data with TitaniumBackup on SDCard on old GDP
- I take the SDCArd, I put it on new GPD
- I restore Gamesome and emulators apps with Titanium
- I launch Gamesome, all seem be ok. Yeah !!!

But... It's not ok : path is incorrect : Android 7 name the SDCARD with generated name, and not SDcard1 (impossible to rename)
And it seem be not possible to create a symbolic link (acces denied, and my gpd is rooted ?!)

How can I change the path on database ? I don't want add a new path for rescan, retag games with genre, tag "finish" on games, favorites, ...

Have you a solution ?
Thank you


Could you add support for ClassicBoy

(1) PlayStation 1 ( PS1 )
(2) Nintendo 64 ( N64 )
(3) GameBoy Advance ( GBA )
(4) GameBoy Classic ( GB )
(5) GameBoy Color ( GBC )
(6) NES/Famicom
(7) Sega Genesis
(8) SNK NeoGeo

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I'd like to see that external storage option for Boxart implemented, even if it has to be in the Android folder on the SD card. Thanks.

Hi everybody ? Any news on this fabulous piece of software ?

Very quiet in here,has anything changed at all? Been looking forward to a new ui but not heard anything in ages 🤔😔

do you prefer bugs reported here or on your github issues page?

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First off, can someone please help me debug my emulator profile? I'm trying to add Atari 7800 support with the RetroArch ProSystem core but I keep getting errors when I try to launch the emulator. Second, how do you find an emulator's component name and action intents? I need these to add Intellivision support using the jzintv4droid emulator. Thanks!

Hi all. I am using Gamesome on the Nvidia Shield 2017 model. All my roms are stored on the Shields internal storage. It works great for most systems but I have just run in to a problem with the Sega Saturn. I have set the emulator to uoYabause, have correctly set the file path for the roms and have selected the source for scraping but whenever I select Search for new games all I get is the red loading circle for a split second then nothing. No message saying no games can be found or anything like that. I have tried the different scrapers and have tried using the identifier as well but no luck. I have tried playing directly through the uoYabause emulator and it works perfectly.

Any ideas? Is this a bug with Gamesome? Thanks.
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