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Hello everyone and welcome!
If you’re fanatical about fitness but have an unhealthy addiction to large portions of cake then you have come to the right place.

I have started this community because we’re all human and anyone that has a passion for all things fitness most likely, at some time or another, have given into temptation and satisfied their craving for cupcakes. Don’t worry this is not meant to be a crazy about cake support group, unless you want it to be; it’s merely a place where people can share their fitness stories, workout ideas, healthy recipe ideas, etc but once in a while you can let loose and through a good old fashioned victoria sponge recipe into the mix. That’s exactly what I will be doing anyway!

Being a professional fitness competitor, I have a lot of experience with restricting my body from the things it craves the most and I also know the impact it has after my day on stage when all I want to do it binge eat on all the things I couldn’t have for the weeks to follow. I’m not a robot, I’m human and humans have emotional needs which are quite often satisfied by a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts. What I’m trying to say is that I would love this to be a fitness page for people who are new to the fitness arena to learn from those of us that have a lot of knowledge and experience to share but at the same time I want to hear about those of you that are just starting out on your new fitness journey, offer advice when advice is needed, be a crutch when the journey all becomes a little too much but at the same time I hope you can bring balance to those that eat, sleep, breathe fitness and teach us to loosen up a bit and every now and again EAT CAKE!

We all have to start somewhere; Olympians were not born winners, they had to make a lot of sacrifices; give a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to get there but it’s a damn sight easier when you have the support and guidance of others that can sympathise with you. And do you know what, no-one is perfect so for me every day is a learning day and I’m super excited to see what you guys can teach each other.

This is a platform where I hope everyone can connect, motivate and be motivated, get inspired and inspire others. If you are passionate about your fitness routine then share it with us, you may have the missing piece of the puzzle someone needed to get them over a training plateau; on the other hand if you found an amazing low calorie chocolate cupcake recipe then you damn well better not keep that one to yourself because I need that in my life, lol! ;0)

Life is for living and balance is key so sometimes that means kicking back and enjoying a little of something that’s not necessary good for us; for me I work out so I can eat cake, and I eat cake so I have a damn good reason to work out. So enjoy life, BE HAPPY and EAT CAKE is what I say!

Now that I have bored you with my intro, I’d like to bore you some more but it is important. Would you all be so kind to head over to the 'About Community' section to have a read of the group’s guidelines and a few simple rules to stick to regarding what to post and what not to post. We need to be respectful of one and another; we are all very different people and will all have very different opinions which are important to express, at the right time and place of course, because that’s what makes us unique but don’t be disrespectful of others opinions because that’s NOT cool!

Thank you for joining me, I hope you have a great time here and please get in touch with your feedback. If something is not quite right then there's not much I can do if I'm not aware of it but I like to hear the positives too, so if there's things that you like, and want to see more of, then let me know and I'll see what I can do!

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You're not practicing for another life so make sure you take this one by the horns and ride that sucker like there's going to be no tomorrow.

Be original,
Be unstoppable,
Be vivacious,
Be spontaneous,
Be fierce,
Be determined,
Be everything you've ever wanted to be,

- The Fit Cupcake Girl 💋xx
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Watch me making this simple recipe for these amazing Coconut Cupcakes. Full recipe can be found linked in the YouTube video comments on my channel.

If you like what you see then please LIKE, SHARE, SUBSCRIBE if you don't want to miss any of my upcoming Fit tips, workouts or cupcake recipes.

Chocolate Orange cupcake recipe is coming soon so be sure to SUBSCRIBE to be the first to see it!💋xx
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A great little read from The Fitt Nomad...sad to say but this is so true in today's society.

What are your thoughts on what's acceptable and what's not with regards to people's weight?

#weightloss #fitness #fitnessarticle #poll

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My most recent attempt vlogging, my editing is slowly improving but still a long way to go until I'm where I want to be. Practice, practice, practice so expect more YouTube videos coming your way...hopefully they be interesting.

If you have any suggestions on how I can improve or know of any great tutorial videos then I'd love to hear from you.

#youtube #vlogging #fitnessvlog #vlog #fitnessmodel #lifestylevlog #dailyvlog

Thanks. x

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Great blog post from Jamie Alderton...make sure you go have a read.

It really puts some things into perspective when it comes to the price of success. Sacrifices have to be made if you want to become successful but success brings reward so is it bad to make these sacrifices and sometimes be selfish if it will benefit those that had to suffer as part of the sacrifices you made! Great read!

#mindset #success #jamiealderton #socialmedia #selfimprovement #motivation #businessstrategy

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Fortune Favours the Bold - Alexander the Great

Sometimes you have to follow your heart and make tough choices to get where you want to be in life.....playing it safe all the time will only get you so far.....getting out of your comfort zone is the hardest part...........but one day you'll hopefully look back and say 'I'm so glad I made that choice that day'

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This has to be my favourite Vlog since starting on my YouTube journey. I love Christmas time, all the sparkly lights and people getting into the Christmas spirit.

It was such a brilliant place to film, great opportunity to get lots of fantastic footage and play around with different editing techniques.

Loved it! Hope you ENJOY!

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Happy FRIDAY everyone! Hope you've all got an amazing weekend planned.
Life is for living so make sure you fill your life with love & laughter and jam pack as many experiences as you possibly can into it...make great memories with your friends and family that will stay with you for the rest of your lives because life is way too short and before you know it it'll be gone in the blink of an eye.
This weekend go out and celebrate life!💫x
- The Fit Cupcake Girl 💋
#StayStrong 💪🏼 #BeHappy 😁
#EatCake 🍰
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