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Alright congrats to Maury Kleebaum!

MOC Event theme:

That's right, build any vehicle! Remember to post your entry in the MOC Event category!

Also show your support for the entries by giving a +1 to their post! Top five will showdown on 18 December!

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Hey just wanted to ask a quick question.
What do you guys like more on your posts, comments or plus 1s. My favorite is comments, they help me improve on my mistakes
And provide support and ideas. Tell me what you like and for what reason ;)
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Plus 1s

Anyone got Lego Worlds?
If you also got a Xbox do ya’ll wanna play wit me?

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Presenting our newest creation, The gadfly
The WARS corp has started to invest in creating vehicles after recent events. This one is based of a helicopter but uses a complex array of magnetic fields to make it hover and fly.

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LEGO DUPLO: Disney Mickey Mouse Car ►

What would you build out of lego if you had the time and money?

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Some thoughts on LEGO's winter sets.

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The Lego Star Wars characters go to see The Last Jedi! Happy Star Wars premiere! #Lego #StarWars #LastJedi
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