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Türk Sanat Müziği; gönül bağıdır, aşktır, sevdadır,tatlı bir huzurdur, özlemdir, umuttur, mutluluktur, ince bir sızıdır…TSM sevenleri bugun UK 5:pm - Turkiye 7:pm'de EsLondonFm dinlemeye davet ediyorum. Radyonuzun sesini acin,arkaniza yaslanin... Gururlu , mağrur, dostluk kokan, ask yuklu en iyi klasik eserleri sizler icin ardi ardina calicam. Bizim müziğimizle EsLondonFm 'de bulusalim. Gec kalmayin! ❤️🌺🌈 #tsm #turksanatmuzigi #musiki #ask #gonulbagi #tatlihuzur #zekimuren #sizi #klasikeserler #eniyiklasikeserler

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Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone is having a good week. I could really use some help with research and sharing of expertise for an upcoming blog post, if you don't mind.

Looking for individuals -- to be mentioned by name/company, with your permission, or anonymously -- willing to take a short survey in an upcoming blog post regarding LinkedIn Ads, and your experience running various tests (targeting, ad type, design). I would love to hear where you have seen/not seen success with LinkedIn ads. You can message me privately or complete this intake form: Any responses are greatly appreciated.

Hi Advertising Community Members,

I was wondering if any of you have used LinkedIn ads, whether successfully or not -- and wouldn't mind being featured in an upcoming blog post or just sharing your experience here: It would be greatly appreciated as I am interested in learning if it is worthwhile and helping others utilize the platform more successfully.

Thank you in advance! I hope you all have a great weekend!

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#MUNCHMacha By #Nestlé #MUNCHIndia.
Will #ShrutiHaasan be able to overcome Shankar Mahadevan challenge? Watch how Shruti Haasan #crunches her doubts with the new #Crunchlicious #MUNCH!
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