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Age of Mythology Campaign 4. A Fine Plan

Forgive me now as I rant about the absurdity of buying disc based and digital content in the UHD era.

I think it's important to discuss and bring light to the disaster that is content distribution for the avearage consumer. I'm posting this in specific game forums because of the indirect link to game consoles and the affect it can have on gamers as a result (remember, all gen+5 consoles can at least stream digital content at 4k and the Xbox One S/X can play UHD Blue Rays - so it does seem somewhat appropriate for that audience. Mods - if you disagree with me - feel free to delete the topic.

In my example - I'm going to use the newly released Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (as it went on sale this week for digital).

I'm the owner of both an LG B6 and a Samsung KS9000 - so I have access to both HDR10 and Dolbyvision (which is the programmable HDR method licensed by some vendors and deemed to be the higher end type of HDR). I should start by telling you that you cannot actually buy the Dolbyvision version of GoG2 anywhere but Vudu...I'll expand on that in a moment...

For someone like me, with kids and who likes to keep his like content together, I was looking to buy GoG2 through the Google Play Store ( family share is a god send when you have 4 kids and tablets/phones everywhere. I looked, and the UHD version isn't available, on the HD version. I remember that Vudu is purported to sell the HDR version - which is only going to work on one TV in my house - so I buy it, and since I have it show up in my Google Play account - because dumb me forgot I linked the two accounts because Disney. So I go play it on my Google Play app...but no...I can only watch it there in HD with no HDR.

Flip over the the Vudu app - yep, 4k HDR. Curious, I go look at my non-LG TV that's HDR equipped (a Samsung KS9k) and I can stream it from Vudu, but no HDR - since Dolby Vision is supported - there's no HDR10 support...what the actual hell?

So let me outlined what I learned about Guardians of the Galaxy 2's release schedule and all of the different versions you're going to have to choose from:

DVD - No brainer, worst format but that makes sense

Blue Ray - 1080p, no bells, no whistles - just a straight BR

UHD BR - this one will come out end of august - true 2160p support with HDR10 only - wait what? Dolbyvision isn't supported on the disk? Nope - you have to buy...

UHD DIgital "VUDU" - will be the only way to get Dolbyvision support at all - none of the disc versions have Dolbyvision

UHD Digital "everyone else" - like the UHD BR - only HDR10 support - that's right, the only way to get Dolbyvision HDR is through VUDU

and here's the real kicker

When you buy the UHD BR - which normally, automatically you get a digital copy - you're only going to get the HD version of that when you log into your streaming app. Which means if you want the disc version and a streaming version that support HDR - you'll have to buy the movie twice...

Holy cow...can this be more confusing and/or dumb...

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