Hey all,

I just found out a problem at 15:00LT or 8:00AM GMT that there's a problem regarding dynamic servers.

I'm now communicating with Data Center and some providers to fix this issue ASAP.

Right now, you still able to connect to the hub and connect to SG1 and ZTH2 without any problems.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hey there! We've rolled out Dyanmic Servers for Zombie The Hero, allowing multiple servers for Zombie The Hero!

There will be a major update this night or tomorrow regarding Network Patch.


Hey all,

After discussing with our DC and Provider Team, I decided to stop all Dynamic Servers for a while. We launched almost 248 dyanmic servers in this month and it go the limit. We will start rolling our Manual Server on our standby server that will be up for 24x7 (except restart every 2h). Expect SG1 until SG5 and ZTH1 until ZTH5 to be online everytime.

We'll roll the manual server this night or tomorrow. For right now, SG1 and ZTH2 is already running on our standby server.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Hey there! It's me, morpig.

We've been working day and night for +The Gamers Network v2. Now, this is our first patch to the server.

Hub Patch - v0.1.1
- Added Chat (Hub chat, color will be based on rank!)
- Added GAME Villager (this is temporarily, will be removed in the next couple of patch)
- Added Tab (for fun).

We also did some backend work, and maybe we may or may not release a Public API! 

For Map Builder, we'll release a documentation website also. 

This is for today, I'll be updating things tomorrow such as Zombie The Hero dynamic servers!

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