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Hey Guys!!!! Please go and Check out my Official Facebook page!! And make sure to share the news with all your MCPE lovin friends!! None of this would be possible without you! 👌👌

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Hey :)
Hey guys! I just joined this group and i see there is allmost nobody active so lets get this active again! Ill start by saying a bit about myself: just go here: to see a bit about me and if you love minecraft pocket edition head on over to my channel! ;) -Vutock

I Am Craft Kid, also known as Ck.
I need these things;

* Coder/Dev > Java, C++, or html
* Animator 3d, 2d whichever you prefer
* Musician Artist's
* Artistis specifically > Anime / realism
* Voice Actors +bonus+ inpersonations
* Editor or storyboard co director

I am going to be making detailed 1660p60fps videos of Minecraft 38th shaders, & foliage mod with my custom 512x512 texture pack sounds all fancy and etc but I want the highest quality for my Minecraft channel and my NON Minecraft CHANNEL.

I Plan to have these series launch when my three channels launch:

* Minecraft science facts
* Minecraft Top Ten & mc Top 5
* 1000 ways to die in minecraft
* Random Fun Facts
* Scripted Fallout Animated Series
* scripted Animated sikcom
* Gaming News
* Game Theorys

Those are the main ones so far.
I need help with my website and server I'm setting up it's a fallout Minecraft replica server so if anyone's interested that would be great as I'm trying to take on a lot fast.

I really need art the most right now.
Please comment if interested also I do need YouTube's to game with for a team in gaming

anyone who does higher end youtube qaulity vids want to colab?

I would like to promote one member to moderator here, just because I tend to not keep up with people and if we get bigger then it will get harder.

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At this point would you sub to me?
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Later when better
Later when better

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So you want a upbeat, happy and exciting gamer? Stay here and become a smiley face today! And my all-time goal is to hit 40,000,000 smiles. I make regular gaming videos with a bunch of laughs! So why are you still here go watch my videos!

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This is my my New YouTube Channel , please go check it out and enjoy!! 😄

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