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keep it light on the language, i don't mind a few cus words, just don't go overboard.
since i'm sorta thinking this is a furry rp, no yiff... unless implied, so if you like timeskip it i won't mind. and no yiff pics either
no killing unless with your charecter, or with consent. although brawls i won't mind unless there's godmodding involved.

hey new person!

wait..why am i mod?

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Name: Walter
Age: 19
Gender: male
Personality: not much to say here
Hybrid: husky
Effects of transformation: full on furry
Other things(fun facts and that): umm idk
Bio: unknown

(two quick!)
Name: Avenger Super (real name unknown)
Age: 41
Gender: Male
Personality: Very quick to be the hero, sometimes negitive and egocentric
Other things(fun facts and that): he thinks everyone is doomed to become a hybrid
Bio: unknown
Dayjob: assistant manager at a chain supermarket
Name: Lucy Perkins
Age: 16
Gender: female
Personality: shy, lonely,
Other things(fun facts and that): she skipped a grade, she has a collection of model trains, and her room is full of a large track, thinks being transformed would be good for her. also has a large collection of plushie racoons
Bio: she's been shy for as long as anyone could remember, her father is in and out and her mother has been dead for a decade now, has a little sister, who has been transformed already.
grade: 11th

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cosbytop computer (if it works)

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Name: Mimi
Age: 16
Gender: female
Personality: bubbly, happy, always smiling, clumsy
Hybrid: rabbit
Effects of transformation: bunny ears and tail
Other things(fun facts and that): has a collection of stuffed animals and pet bunnies
Bio: got transformed a year ago, and she's perfectly fine with it
grade: 10th
likes: fluffy things, sweets, laughing
dislikes: being teased, getting left out, getting hurt

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joey had took a trip to the zoo with his best friend's parents, he was with her mom, the animals had been especailly buggy today, and he could of sworn he had saw a deertaur in the springbok exhibit. her mom had to go to the bathroom and he was by the koi pond, then a girl fell in, about his age, and another one of the transformations started, and by the time he had pulled her out, she had a koi tail for legs, and a very good koi at that
um... what happened to your legs?
(the pic is the look of the koi she's a hybrid of)
(+Kaylyn Fletcher, you could be her for now? i was planning to make her my profile, but i can't rp with myself, she's bubbly, smart like him, and quite happy most of the time, but a bit depressed about the transformation)

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Name: Rebbecca Lucas
Age: 13
Gender: female
Personality: bubbly, smart, quite happy
Hybrid: koi
Effects of transformation: has koi tail for legs
Bio: having been transformed only recently, she's not quite used to it yet
grade: 8th
she's a blonde, about 5' 4", green eyes, pale skin
(the pic is the exact koi that transformed her)

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+don s.  here's what i could find...i can find more later if needed
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