Hey guys sorry for leaving the community... i have too much things to do now, i'll try to join soon if my work is less... really sorry...

Hey +Cassie Voigt lets include a 1989 cabin now.......

+Cassie Voigt I'm sorry i wasn't able to do the last assignments and i won't be able to do anymore assignments from 15-29 becuz i have exams! 

hey cabin swifties! 

school is starting soon! so i thought we all have a little vacation! we wont have assignments for the rest of august and will either give an assignment or something in late september or early october! :) while you wait, feel free to post abput ANYTHING taylor swift ;) and put it in fun posts! sorry, im gonna be kind of busy sugust and september, but have fun!

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My assignment, +Cassie Voigt

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taylena edit :) +Cassie Voigt 

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+Cassie Voigt my assignment. :) Hope it's good. :)

sorry for the long wait taylor swift cabin! but now our next assignment

+Swiftie Edits 〈3 +Sarah Ooi +Ciera Hemmings +Harleen Bhatia 

answer these!

name a song(s) with the word door or doors and write the lyric

what song out of these 5 is NOTon the taylor swift album?
stay beautiful
picture to burn
forever and always
our song
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