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What's a Google Plus Photo Theme?

A photo theme on Google Plus generally works like this...

a post (shared publicly by you)

containing a picture you created

also containing the hashtag related to the photo sharing theme

and mentioning within the post any person who has asked to be mentioned (as per the theme rules)

Is shared. The post must be shared publicly.

Anyone on Google Plus can join in.

If you would like to take part you must read and abide by the rules for each theme.

The main rule, (sometimes not written), applying to all themes is you must own the image you share.

Most themes have someone who looks after the theme. Some themes have multiple people who look out for posts shared with the themes hashtag.

Some people who manage themes will reshare posts they think a wider audience will enjoy.

If you click on a hashtag for a theme you will be able to find and engage with people who have similar interests.

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Feel free to play along :)
Hi All

#letters_QW is now closed and I am waiting on this weeks judge +Peter Quinton to select a winner.

I have drawn two random letters (F and P) from an Akubra (hat) and your job is to take a photo which in some manner includes a person place or object that includes those letters. There is no restriction on the number of words used to achieve the photo. One or many it does not matter. Bonus points for an image that does not need a description.

I ask that you do not post your photo until Thursday. This will be to present your original take on the letters.

The Rules
1. The image must contain something that includes the letters F and P
2. A preference is for the image to be taken during the week. An old photo can be used as a last resort as long as it has never been published.
3. All images must be your own work
4. Posting of the image can happen between 5 pm Thursday and 5 pm (Melbourne time +10GMT) on Friday the 16th of March.
5. Images to be posted into the Random Letters stream of the Australia New Zealand πŸ“Έ community or if outside they need to include a + mention for me +Greg Kerr (G+) or @gmkimages on instagram. I will move images that are posted outside the community into the community for all to see.
6. Include the hastag #letters_fp
7. Have fun

The aim of this challenge is to get you out shooting with your camera with a goal in mind. Don't stress if you are unable to take a photo.

Stress = bad, Fun = good

PS. I have deliberately left out the vowels from my random selection as they are in far too many words.

PPS. The judging is on originality and not technical skill.

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Bette J. Kauffman

Post only your own photos of wildflowers in their natural habitat.

Stories about the shot are encouraged.
Bette Kauffman
Bette Kauffman

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Eye For Light


Nina Trankova

1. Add a title
2. Add your photo
3.Tag it #eyeforlight
* specifically "includes reflections of white"

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#FridaysAreBokehlicious for all the #bokeholics out there

1. Post a bokeh photo of yours on Friday

2. Tag it #FridaysAreBokehlicious

All you need is some manner of out-of-focusness.

Must be your photo
Leo Deegan
Leo Deegan


You post a photo of your own, it's not obvious what it is... You ask people to guess what the item is in the photo...
can you guess what this is...? The more descriptive the guesses the better! 🀣

If you are guessing you can ask the poster if you need a clue πŸ”¬ πŸ‘“! 😁




It seems there is an established #MoodyMonday +Moody Monday by +Philip Daly
now being curated by +Ellie Kennard and +Alen Ianni

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Moody Monday

run by Alen Ianni ( +Alen Ianni ).

Moody Monday is one of the oldest continuously curated themes on G+, starting back in early 2011 by Philip Daly.

Monday has been always a day rich of emotions, surely many feel the burden of a working starting week, but on the other side of the coin, there is still the memory of the weekend.

Why do not keep expressing in your photographic art, what your feelings are on Monday or for the Monday/s. Anything works as long as you give your best in your shots, as long as it is an original work, as long as you believe the message of your photograph/s is your inner state of mind, or soul.

It does not matter if it is a melancholic, happy, angry, annoyed, satisfied, unsatisfied, exorbitant and fantamegaspecialcoolasever, share with us your Mood ... give us your Monday Mood!

I will personally select the most intriguing, well executed, high quality photographs and I will share them in the post of this page.

Hashtag: #MoodyMonday

N.B. We recommend that you follow the page and the curator (Alen Ianni) so that we can interact with your postings.
At the end of each Monday a selection of the submissions will be posted here.
Posts with an excessive number of tags for multiple themes will be ignored!

To participate is easy, copy the below text in your post and let Google Plus do the magic for ya....

#MoodyMonday + 104012885471230994765 Curated by + 116700726857349449316 - take out the spaces between the + and the numbers when posting!

There is no such thing as a bad photograph. So, don't be shy and get posting.

Moody Monday
Moody Monday

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Sea Tuesday "see" πŸ˜‰ the page about section for all the details. The page appears inactive but Julia is still here.

#seatuesday +Sea Tuesday +Julia Anna Gospodarou
Sea Tuesday
Sea Tuesday

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Bridges over Tuesday see the page about section for all the details. Page inactive and Clare no longer posts but people still use the theme

#bridgesovertuesday +BridgesOverTuesday +Clare Bambers

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