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Name: Billie


Gender: Female


Species: Dog


Personality: (Canon type) Normal (Preferred type) Shy/Anxious


Service: Artist


Birthday: September 27th


Coffee Preference: Mocha/Lots of milk/3 scoops of sugar


Catchphrase: bork

Is blasting eurobeat So loud that everyone can hear

name: Cheron Gills
Birthday : 02/04/88
Gender: Male
species: Bluejay
sign: A Navy series of charecters ("/:|:\" that without the quotes)
catchphrase: Bip
what village you used to live in: Yulisel
why you moved to animal village: The mayor of Yulisel was corrupt
(Don't have a pic, sorry)

I totally forgot I had this community I abandoned this community a long time ago

who wants to take over this community because I have failed at this kind of thing sorry but who ever wants it can have it unless there is more then one person who wants it then you can battle for it

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Is at home playing the crew wild run online on my ps4. Just then I hear a knock who can that be? Mumbles Why people are interrupting my time here... Pause the game and walk up at the door and opens Sorry I tried to edited my photo but im just terrible at Photoshop. Plus I posted in the wrong section but there no home section.
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Town name: ???
Likes:smoking, fight, driving, drugs (i took one before)And Bells
Dislike:nonie, jen b. Raven wolf. (These were my rival), ugly villager, poor player, impersonate, and bankruptcy.
Type: animal crossing happy home designer
Drives: 1997 honda Integra

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Lucky im in a community that i already banned raven wolf

Deal with it

"Just moved into town and you decide to help me settle in"

(Open rp)

Likes:Reading Isabelle
Dislikes:Bullies bugs
Bio:A friendly dog that loves to fish and read he also has a crush on Isabelle
Star sign:Taurus
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