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Jetstream is flying around the Wonderbolt Academy, training for the big event

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[Name] Jetstream Turbo
[Age] 19
[Gender] Male
[Skills] Flying, Speed
[Likes] Flying, and Music
[Dislikes] Rude, Uptight, Snooty "Rich Ponies" like Diamond Tiara's parents.
[Bio] As a young colt in Cloudsdale, Jetstream always dreamed of joining the ranks of the Wonderbolts. For 10 years, from ages 5-15, Jetstream did nothing but train himself, and at 15 he got his wish and was accepted to the Wonderbolt Academy where he tested top of his class and was welcomed as a back-up reserves member until he turned 18, where he was welcomed in as an official Wonderbolts flyer. 

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Esto perdió el sentido....
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