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+Ben Johnson, since you are such a Google Classroom fanatic, I thought I would make sure you got this. Now only if the Classroom had a portfolio option, my own interest might be piqued.
The new Guardian Summaries update in Google Classroom allows you to keep parents informed...automatically!!

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+Ben Johnson, I know this was the topic of your last HTF, did you post your screencast yet? I don't see it,
Drop your knowledge, the age of the information gatekeepers is over.
New Google Sites - great for student portfolios!

A brand new version of Google Sites will roll out soon. Here's a preview showing just how easy this completely rewritten tool is to use. Unlike the dated original version of Sites it integrates fully with Google Drive and Google Classroom. Sites appear in Drive and can be shared and submitted through Classroom.

Here's a video I've prepared for one of my sessions at tomorrow's +EdTechTeam Google for Education Summit in Melbourne to show how to use New Google Sites to showcase student work stored in Google Drive.

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Compilation of some of our favorite Google for Educations resources. What are we missing?

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+Ben Johnson, I thought of you when I read this, you are brothers from a different mother you and this writer
The Einstein Project is one of those stories that could have been an enormous failure, but instead turned into a project that defined a class, department, and school.

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Now that more teacher's are embracing technology, there are elements to this paradigm shift that cannot be found on a Help page. Do you have these pedagogical discussions in your PD classes?

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Now the tech is here, should you be considering the place in which it is being used as part of your instruction?
My school's IT still hasn't figured out how to do captions to their videos. The audio is better here, so the autocaptions are more or less usable this time but, no, there are NOT things you can RIDE ON in the new classrooms. Write on. Not ride on. :-)

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Focusing on the active use of technology to support learning and teaching through creation, production, and problem solving.

Building sustainable, program-wide systems of professional learning for higher education instructors to strengthen their capacity to use technological tools to support learning and teaching.

Ensuring pre-service teachers' experiences with educational technology are program-deep and program-wide rather than one-off courses separate from their methods courses.

Aligning the above efforts with research-supported standards, frameworks, and credentials recognized across the field.
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