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Anyone who has been following the Github group may have noticed a new report has popped up, cross-talk. After several days of discussion, I'm happy to reveal what cross-talk is, how it affects The Thing System, and what the road map for its existence is.

The purpose of cross-talk is to bridge different networks and gateways together, allowing devices on one network to talk and connect with devices on another network.

The initial networks that will be supported are z-wave, thought the open z-wave project, zigbee, and already documented TCP gateways.

The steward will become a TCP controller, and will have access to any devices cross-talk recognizes.

As the code develops, I'll release more details about the exact inner workings of Cross-talk, but feel free to ask questions now.

Github repo:

I've got a server with Ubuntu installed and was try to install and run Steward on it. Has anyone got instructions to get that working?

Hey, I have setup steward in a MAC mini, and it detects my Chromecast device successfully. But when I play a track on the device thru steward, device status is still idle. Any suggestion for debugging the issue ? Also when in play a track via steward, i receive error as "error: [media] device/5 Chromecast9133 event=ramp failure, msg=Cannot call method 'send' of undefined". Please guide me

Next milestone: I just got Steward working in a docker container. It means no more checking out the code and updating module via NPM. It takes less than a couple of minutes to update the version to the latest. And the same container works great on Windows, Linux, and Raspberry PI hosts.

P.S. on Windows host you have to do additional steps if you have serial device attached. Linux makes it much easier and is supported by docker out of the box.

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Hi All. It's been awfully quiet in here lately :) I've been slowly working on my little fork to mainly satisfy my requirements.
1) I didn't really like the UI, so I created "tiled" version.
2) Added oauth2 server so Google Home (potentially Alexa) can connect to it
3) Added Node-RED for rules/schedule editing
4) Some other various bugfixes/dependency upgrades/nodejs improvements

I use primarily Insteon network at home, so only those devices were added to UI interface as well as weather and clock widgets. It's still pretty much WIP, but worth sharing with everyone.

hello :)
Iam an undergraduate student who is looking for a project to work on.Found "THE THING SYSTEM" interesting.While going through the Stuff i have come across "Macguffin".Can anyone tell me how to create it? & how to use it?

Is this thing dead?

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The most common business model supporting the current generation of Internet of Things devices is the one time purchase of a thing. However these things then almost always rely on an cloud service to make it “smart,” and that appears unsustainable. The model has proved so fragile it may bring into doubt whether cloud architectures are the right fit for devices aimed towards mainstream consumers. #iot  

does the diskimage for the B+ model still exist somewhere?
Can't seem to get the B code running on the B+ model...
Any ideas about that?

Hey all. Is this awesome idea still in development and support? Just wondering.
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