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My other community I'm more active on

If you like to add your friends you can anyone can join!

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((Owens Oc))
Name: Owen fire-blood

Quote: "bring it! I'll take every single one of y'all down!"

Age: 11

Gender: male

Race: human/wolf

Weapon: Bowie knife and SMG

Personality: kind, caring, brave, headstrong, determined, shy

Likes: relaxing, eating, being with my friends, fighting, training, having fun

Dislikes: people who hurt my friends and family, being pushed around, any who messes with him

Fire wolf: a flaming wolf that has the power to us its tail to be able to shoot fire out of it, as well as breath fire from his mouth

Hell hound wolf: a state in which he goes full berserk and goes into a blood rage and ripes enemys apart with his claws and teeth

Fire-fist: makes a ball of fire surround the users fist and punches his target to increase the damage of the punch and burn the target

blazing blade: coats your knife in hot burning fire to deal heavy damage on the target

blaze of hell: shots multiple balls of fire out of your hand and it chases the target and explodes

hell Strom: shoots a large and hot wave of fire from your mouth that shapes into a tornado and spins around the target

Bio: was born and raised by his mother, a witch with that had great power and trained him at young age and later became stronger and then he meet his uncle and together, the uncle trains him and teaches him new things that he has never known before, now him and his uncle have to battle the army of demons that come for them and have to defend there family.
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The twilight is in Hyrule field, and I'll turn into my twilight wolf self once again,....Midna must be pleased

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Pictures I edited so I'd have more pics of female Dark Link, instead of female link
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Staring to role play as dark link
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Profile up date for me
Name: Luna
Age: 16
Weapon: Hyrule dark legendary sword, Hyrule dark shield, and dark bow and arrow
Pet: evil fairy named Dark Navi, and her horse Lumina
Lives: the twilight forest
Likes: Link, fighting, and horse
Race: forest elf/twilight wolf
Bio: I'm Dark link, but twist on that, I'm not a guy I'm a woman, suprised? Most likely, but I've taken a liking to Link sense out first head on combat and defeating me, sending me back to the twilight realm, but when the Twilight had escaped into the over world, I went with Midna and helped her track down Link, we saw he was in trouble but Midna insisted I'd protect them from the far sense I'm good at hiding, when Midna had to go back to the twilight realm she spoke with me before going, she wanted me to stay here and protect link so my heart jumped at the offering and I said yes.....
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