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Hey guys! Here is a video I made about The Last of Us top 5 Multiplayer Maps! I hope you guys enjoy and subscribe to see more! 

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Here's a headshots compilation I made over the last week! Tell me if you like it and let me know if I should do more! Check out my channel for more videos and subscribe if you like them!

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Name: Talon
Age: 14
Gender: female
Weapons: bow and arrows, dagger, and pistol
Special abilities: very good with bow and arrows and good at knife fighting
Personality: sly, cunning, distrustful of others but will help them
Likes: animals, moonlight, nighttime
Dislikes: zombies, other people, flirty boys
Bio: parents were killed when Talon was young, and she learned to live on her own and take care of herself.
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I'm take all supplies I can then a ZOMBIE comes and trying to bite me but I have no gun


(Open RP)

Jason walks though the forests with his Bow and Arrow trying to look for food.

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Name: Jason King
Gander: female
Personality: cool smart
Gear: bow and arrow, pistol with silencer, sword.


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Name: Refused to tell
Age: 20
Likes: Surviving and Killing.
Dislikes: Dying
Bio: When everything went wrong she ran off. She was 5 and things were attacking. At 10 she was "living" in a boarded up apartment. She had a rifle she couldn't use and a pistol she had killed 2 people and 39 infected with. At 15 she could use her rifle but preferred her pistol. She had killed 5 humans and 67 infected. At 19 she found an old house that used to belong to a hardened survivor/spy. Everything she needed was there, and she took it with open arms. She lives at that house still and is fine with it.
Powers: None
Gadgets: a grappling hook, pistol with silencer and 10 bullets, rifle with no silencer and 3 bullets, a GPS, flashlight, baton, night vision goggles, and a slight bit of armour on her arms, shins, and hands.

(Not my drawing!) 

Anyone wanna rp?
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