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Hi Guys, I was wondering if any of you know anything about this amplifier, Niles SI-275. I recently found it but not know a lot about it.

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Screw Identification.
 Make sure to note which fixing screws came out of which hole! I seems so basic, but its really important. Some are machined and some are self tapping, look at the threads. You can mark them, or put them in a pattern on your table just as they came out.
 Dont put long screws in where short ones came out!!  A lot of damage can be done by doing that. If you're lucky the makers use only one type of screw, then it doesnt matter. But look out for the One thats different, just to throw you!

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Loudspearker Wires.
Often we find speaker wires joined badly. Do ensure that you only have one lead from the amplifier to the speaker if possible. Joins are notorious for comimg ondone or shorting out. Shorting together can cause damage. You may be lucky, however and find the speaker outputs are protected by a fuse. Do use the same current rating of fuse if this is the case.
The other common problem is when wires are reversed  on one speaker. Just make sure they are both connected the same on each channel.
On powerful amplifiers a good solid connection is also required.

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Scratchy or noisey volume control.
Caused by poor contact due to tarnishing, its not worn out.
How to clean your volume control. Remove the casing and locate the control, you may want to squirt it with WD40, but don't its not really suitable. Use a product called KONTAKT 60.
I found this clip on youtube for you.
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