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New UI coming soon, here's a sneak peak. +1 if you like 
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Getting close to the release now

Facebook + Twitter integration
Phillips Hue Light Controller
Database Upgrader
Performance increase for Actor Library and Actor Details
More Filters for Movies and Actors
Boxsets - View movies and those missing
Geolocation for weather information
Rate and Give Feedback button
Login (Facebook, twitter and Local) / Logout

Bug Fixes
1. Access permissions maxed out at 1000
2. Random Crashes
3. Genres, Languages and Countries not displayed for Public collections

Let me know what you think of the changes :)

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Next release coming soon, in the last stages of development.

Features include
Login / Sign out (Facebook , Twitter and local)
Post to Facebook
Post to Twitter
Phillips Hue lighting control
Recently added available on Homepage
New Collection filters
Browse Box Sets (identify Missing Movies)
UI Changes - Trailers , App Settings, Boxsets
Database Upgrader

Early development
Chrome cast integration

Let us know what you think :)

Available to download from Windows App Store
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Latest Version of Cinema Box is now available from Windows Store

Updated UI
Performance upgrade
Recently Added now available from Home Screen and Collection Browser
Bug Fixes

Don't forget, I'm open to all suggestions for improvements and enhancements 
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