Welp, if anyone joins or somehow sees this, the project is being postponed until I meet a quota of:

-I get a new computer (the one I use was meant to be fo school. I should probably keep it that way.)

-I find the right software to create my engine (this will become the priority after I buy the new computer)

-I find an animation software or create one. (I'm probably going to do the former option.)

-I get enough money to provide the necessary materials to everyone associated to the project (I want to provide things that are at least a little more than suitable. I may have to rent a building to provide rooms for certain... what's the word? Specialities? Anyway things like music rooms [yes, music will not be created through software. SFX however, is a different story.)

There may be other things I will likely need in the future but these are currently the necessities I need before I actually start development on the game.

This is essentially a place where I can organize all of my information for people who are apart of the project. Anyone that is not and are anticipating the release (You'll have to wait quite awhile, this will be in development for a few years at best.) I will probably make a second community for them as I won't help anyone if information can't be shared with me or other people.

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