Release version 0.9.3 - Giant Step

We're happy to announce the latest release of WhiteCore, this version holds a complete new structure for upcoming snapshots and releases.

For all the release notes, please look at this link:

We are very happy to be able to provide you with Windows .Net and Mono links:

Windows .Net

Linux Mono

Monthly Snapshot March 2015

With the Easter eggs still in the basket, the new snapshot has been published.

In this snapshot, mostly code cleanups and some adjustments to how WhiteCore handles the HTTP traffic.

As always, please report any bugs to the Github Issue tracker or come and talk to us in #whitecore-support

We are very happy to be able to provide you with Windows .Net and Mono x86 and x64 links:

Mono x86:

Mono x64:


I have a little problem with my grid. The grid is new installed, but my region is offline. So I can not login in my grid. Have anyone a Idea for help ?

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Goodmorning everyone,

Starting today, the community has been renamed to WhiteCore since AuroraSim is no longer being worked on by anyone in this group.

Also, it seems that some people in the community are wondering what exactly happened during the time I was "gone" which I will gladly describe.

I was asked in Januari to create a module / addons for WhiteCore so that regions can be dynamically loaded and created without the need to go to the console. +Rowan Deppeler and me have been thinking about that idea last year but we never made progress on that.

The problem with it is that you'd have to load the region once, setting it's stale state before it generates the "basic" file. That file could be send to the region owner which can load it on his region instance.

The person who was funding this research and development has sustained a severe brain hemorrhage and has passed away 2 weeks ago, leaving me in limbo what exactly to do.

So, I added a poll to this post to hear from you, the users / contributors, what you think that needs love inside WhiteCore
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Physics Engine
Scripting Engine
Enhanced Webinterface
Other (place in comments)

Headsup announcement:

Tomorrow there will be a new snapshot published with some changes that might affect some people. 1 of the changes is going to be the llLookAt code from +Dahlia Trimble that makes sure that a lot of things will work and "fly" properly.

Also in the new snapshot will be a hard limit on how large a region can be made. We have discussed this for the past period of time and we have decided that 4096 x 4096 is the maximum size that WhiteCore will be supporting.

Main reason for this change is that a region that is larger then 4096  x 4096 might loose prims / terrain and even not start up correctly because of the massive amount of memory 1 region will take.

(edited to give something of a heads up) The last week or so ahs been a frustrating time. As you'll see, I'm not all that good at dealing with frustrations, part of the PTSD. Yesterday was particular frustrating as I kept running into unexpected changes in how things are done. In the end, I've got things working.)(posted the logs to Drive just in case the devs want to see what was going on, links at the end)

What was done to the loading iars process?

Different command wording
Can't find the Objects folder.
Crashes the grid every time

Feb 04 10:58:05 -  [SceneManager]: Startup Complete. This took 0m 8.480s
Feb 04 10:59:32 -  [Error]: The file 'Objects' cannot be found.
Feb 04 10:59:36 -  [Error]: The file 'Sarge_Misfit.iar' cannot be found.
Feb 04 10:59:36 -     IAR file 'Sarge_Misfit.iar' not found!
Feb 04 10:59:48 -  [Inventory Archiver]: Loading archive ..\Data\UserArchives\enchilada.iar to inventory path enchilada.iar for Sarge Misfit
Feb 04 10:59:49 -  [ARCHIVER]: Commencing load from archive
Feb 04 10:59:49 -  [INVENTORY ARCHIVER]: Loading version 0.3 IAR
Feb 04 10:59:49 -  [APPLICATION]:

Exception: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
   at WhiteCore.Services.DataService.LocalInventoryConnector.GetUserFolderID(UUID principalID, String folderName)
   at WhiteCore.Services.SQLServices.InventoryService.InventoryService.GetUserFolderID(UUID principalID, String folderName)
   at WhiteCore.Modules.Archivers.InventoryArchiveReadRequest.CreateFoldersForPath(InventoryFolderBase destFolder, String iarPathExisting, String iarPathToReplicate, Dictionary`2& resolvedFolders, HashSet`1& loadedNodes)
   at WhiteCore.Modules.Archivers.InventoryArchiveReadRequest.ReplicateArchivePathToUserInventory(String iarPath, InventoryFolderBase rootDestFolder, Dictionary`2& resolvedFolders, HashSet`1& loadedNodes)
   at WhiteCore.Modules.Archivers.InventoryArchiveReadRequest.Execute(Boolean loadAll)
   at WhiteCore.Modules.Archivers.InventoryArchiverModule.DearchiveInventory(String firstName, String lastName, String invPath, String loadPath, Dictionary`2 options)
   at WhiteCore.Modules.Archivers.InventoryArchiverModule.HandleLoadIARConsoleCommand(IScene scene, String[] cmdparams)
   at WhiteCore.Framework.ConsoleFramework.Commands.CommandSet.ExecuteCommand(String[] commandPath)
   at WhiteCore.Framework.ConsoleFramework.Commands.CommandSet.ExecuteCommand(String[] commandPath)
   at WhiteCore.Framework.ConsoleFramework.Commands.Resolve(String[] cmd)
   at WhiteCore.Framework.ConsoleFramework.LocalConsole.ReadLine(String p, Boolean isCommand, Boolean e)
   at WhiteCore.Framework.ConsoleFramework.CommandConsole.Prompt()
   at WhiteCore.Framework.ConsoleFramework.CommandConsole.ReadConsole()
   at WhiteCore.Simulation.Base.SimulationBase.Run()
   at WhiteCore.Simulation.Base.BaseApplication.Startup(IConfigSource originalConfigSource, IConfigSource configSource, ISimulationBase simBase, String[] cmdParameters)

Application is terminating: False

Feb 04 10:59:49 -  [Scene]: Closing down the single simulator: Excelsior Station
Feb 04 10:59:49 -  [FileBasedSimulationData]: Backing up Excelsior Station
Feb 04 10:59:53 -  [FileBasedSimulationData]: Saved Backup for region Excelsior Station
Feb 04 10:59:54 -  [RegisterRegionWithGrid]: Deregistering region Excelsior Station from the grid...
Feb 04 10:59:54 -  [SHUTDOWN]: Shutdown processing on main thread complete.

I am having to face the possibility of having to rebuild Excelsior Station from scratch.

The database is almost three years old with no maintenance. iar and oar files have been loaded, saved and reloaded I-lost-count- times. They have become degraded and errors have crept in.

I would appreciate people's thoughts on this, especially on what you might think of any rebuild possibilities and ideas.

Monthly Snapshot December 2014

[Update Jan 15: PLEASE check your database; When your database is older then November 2014, make sure that WhiteCore has run at least once to have ALL the changes to the database working. It seems some people didn't have an upgraded database which gives errors like +Sarge Misfit has noticed ]

And yes, I know it's quite late this time but there have been some changes that we wanted into this snapshot.

Most recent changes:

* Upgrade the Appearance so it holds the full 255 set of avatar details
* Upgraded the Default Library (thanks Nhede)
* ScriptEngine optimalisations
* Vehicles optimalisations (thanks Nhede)

Because of the change in both the Default Library and the Appearance we suggest you to make a GOOD! backup before running this snapshot.

We are very happy to be able to provide you with Windows .Net and Mono x86 and x64 links:

Mono x86:

Mono x64:


Has anyone created a 8192x8192 OAR? 

Hi guys,
I've always been fascinated by whitcore and one of the things I'm curious about is how do people find it in regards to creating rpg worlds compared to creating one in Opensim. For eg can you have bigger variregions without crashing your computer?
(I have a laptop Intel core i7 8 gig ram Intel graphics 4000)
Can you increase the graphic quality to say Ultra and staying in the FPS of say 40 -50 
And overall have people found they have had a much better user experience than in Opensim.
I ask this because for a small business project I'm creating an educational virtual prehistoric world for kids so I want to find out the advantages / disadvantages of this platform.
By the way is anyone hosting a grid which I could visit?
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