I noticed if you turn the Bullet on things go under ground and float to 0.0.0. is there a reason it is doing that?

Me again. The pain in the Assets. lol
Question: Having alot of script problems. Can't even use a simple script OS script or LLs script. I know there is a setting to let scripts work without deleting them. Any ideas where I can set the scripts so they all work, instead of killing them. A simple script shouldn't be a problem you would think.

Can I add web pages to my whitecore website that was given with the install? Like our media or region price list etc...

Couple small questions: (version 9.3 rc1 whitecore) Standalone.
1. How does one add news to the login screen or website for whitecore?
2. How does one turn on the infinite region feature?
3. What does the WEB ADMIN do? Cause all I get is the website. The version 9.2 I think it was you can click that and you get the admin control panel once you login.
4. How do I turn on the registration feature? Can Add new avies via the website need to do it manually at the dos command window.
5. How do I get to the banker? No clue if it can be login in or what moneys they have etc..

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IMPORTANT GRID NEWS: Routine Maintenance on servers planned for Sat September 1 10 pm PDT until September 2 10 am PDT
Grid will be offline during those time as well as tanglegrid.net. Tanglegrid.com will be up during this time.
Thanks you for your understanding.

Is WhiteCore going to keep going? I would love to have this as an option other then Opensim. Love the infinite region feature.

i was wonder if white core was still being worked on was thinking about making a grid and so in testing white out proforms opensim by a long shot

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What processor type are you running WhiteCore on ?
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x64 Machine - Windows
x86 Machine - Linux
x64 Machine - Linux
x86 / x64 Machine - MacOS
x86 Machine - Windows
x64 Machine - Windows
x86 Machine - Linux
x64 Machine - Linux
x86 / x64 Machine - MacOS

webiste not working :(((


How to rename the region?
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