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Encyclopedia of Mythras Combat Style Traits

Here is a list of many combat style traits that I have adopted or will adopt into my campaign. Currently the list is above 60 traits.

It contains the combat style traits from the following official publications:
Mythras Core, Mythic Rome, AiG, Mythic Constantinople, Monster Island.

In addition to these official ones it contains few from RangerDan's campaign and Raleel's Martial Arts Combat style traits.
The unarmed set alone is quite an expansion to the ones in Mythras Core. The way I am planning to bring the unarmed ones on is to create schools that have some of these available - like the ones that come from Mythic Constantinople. Raleel's set already has several that quite nicely will form a school as they depend on each other.

You will be able to vary your combat styles quite nicely by choosing a small set of "cultural" or brotherhood weapons (1-3) and adding one, maybe two combat style traits on it.

The list is available here
..and it is of course also updated in the Mythras Charts and Tables page

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Here are some updated charts for Mythras.
New charts:
Spirit Combat (Special effects, spirit damage, results)
Updated charts
Miscellaneous charts
Healing and Wounds Mythras
Movement Speed Mythras
Special Effects
Combat Special Effects Offensive Portrait
Combat Special Effects Defensive Portrait
Standard Weapons for Mythras
Eastern Weapons
Gloranthan Weapons
Monster Island Weapons for Mythras
Situational Modifiers
Mythras Ranged Combat Situational Modifiers
Mythras Magic Situational Modifiers
Close Combat Situational Modifiers
Updates include
Mythras 3rd Printing changes incorporated (for example Drop Foe, Spoil Spell). Page number references corrected to point to correct places in the Mythras
Clarifications on Prepare Counter, Grip/grappling and Impale.
Some readability issues fixed. The default font has been changed to Baskerville and some charts have Sava Pro
On the situational modifiers more used modifiers stand out a bit more clearly
The trademark texts fixed

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The Cedar in Ashes group continues to explore the Jekkarid. In the most recent session, they plunged into the forests beyond Keres to recover Metathio's ritual goods. Along the way, Ethereals were charmed, bandits were savaged, and nobody dared upset the repose of Metathio's grandmother Irinkane. Enjoy!

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The core rules for Mythras are now available to buy in hardcopy from DrivethruRPG and associated sites.

Using the 3rd printing of the rules, the book is 304 pages of roleplaying goodness, and if you don't yet have a print copy, there's no better time to buy. At $34.99, this is terrific value for a truly excellent roleplaying system - and just in time for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and that impending Yuletide Season!

And don't forget that if your preference is for softcover, then Lulu can help you out for $29.99.

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It takes a brave group to venture into the forests beyond Keres to retrieve Metathio’s ritual goods from her grandmother’s tomb!

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The One Contest Starts!

An epic contest where everyone can participate.
A challenge for Masters who remember that funny monster.
A recognition of the players to that killer monster that they will never forget.

Any RPG in which you have explored dungeons and looted treasures is welcome!
And you may not need to know any rules system. ;)

The Contest pdf:


We have updated the Mythras Core Rules (TDM110 Mythras 3rd Printing Interactive 301018) with outstanding errata and a few tweaks and clarifications to both rules and layout. A full list of the text changes is included in the PDF, pages 306 to 308.
If you would like a print version of the updated rules, we are also making the book available as a hardcover POD option through DrivethruRPG/OneBookShelf, and this will be active very soon. A separate message will be sent once the POD version is ready. A softcover edition is already available from our Lulu Store:

How to download your updated PDF

If you’ve bought Mythras from us via the TDM webstore, our Lulu store, or DrivethruRPG, then you are entitled to the PDF free of charge.

TDM Webstore
Select Store from the navigation bar
Sign into your Account from the Store page
Click on ‘Your Account’ (top right hand section of the category listings)
Click on the Orders Tab
The products you’ve ordered appear here, along with links to the PDFs for each book ordered from us. Find your Mythras order, and click on the link for TDM110 Mythras 3rd Printing Interactive 301018. Your download should start automatically.
You should received an email notifying you of the change to Mythras, along with a link to the product in your OneBookShelf library.

Lulu POD
If you are a Lulu customer buying the softcover, please email us at, including a copy of your Lulu receipt, and we will send you a discount code to redeem the PDF from our web store.

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The exiled Jekkarene priestess Metathio might not be able to return to her homeland, but that doesn't prevent her from telling the characters what she knows about the entities native to the area. Here is an array of local spirits and godlings from the southwestern part of the Jekkarene Theocracy, from Lyortha up to the Ocean Gift Temple on the west coast. Enjoy!

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The Cedar in Ashes group venture into the hinterlands of the Jekkarene Theocracy, bound for the Ocean Gift Temple. Is their journey to be untroubled and effortless? Of course not! Along the way, they find the Solar Shard, a relic of a near-forgotten time, and the grim Weeping Man, evidence that old wounds remain unhealed. Enjoy!

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So, unfortunately, our Arkwright game has been put on on hold due to medical issues with a player. Probably won't get back to it til the New Year. I got 2 scenarios I'm sitting on, and the rest of Parallel lines. It's been pretty fun, great inspirational setting. Thanks for your interest to those who were following our progress.
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