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Really fuuny

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Told you

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Hay derrick

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pros: I'm a mod in other communities and I active on all 
i have some of my own of my communities and i try really hard to keep track of them
i can be a big help to this community and to make it better and to discuss the problems 

 i can't be on mostly on the weekends
age i don't really like telling my age but i can tell you that I'm a freshman in high school 
I kinda post here on this community 
Animated Photo

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(so i've been reading Divergent and it did this fear thing so dun judge me. idk how creative this'll be though. also males only cuz of the pic)

I had been sitting on a bench when someone grabbed me and brought me to a room with a concrete floor and glass walls. they then stuck a needle in my neck and i hadn't noticed you were there. they put us both in my fear landscape, the first fear being stuck in a small, enclosed space. I looked at you, trying to stay calm. i-i know how this works...if i keep my heartbeat steady, and my breathing steady, we'll move on to the next fear...the box got smaller and i still tried to remain calm, failing in the process 
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