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There will be no such thing as a rebellious army or a community faction who would want war on here. Me, +Eida and +Tallus will give you ONLY three chances. Post one to declare war or rebel cause on us, we will delete that post. Do it again the third time, it will be deleted again and you will be banned.

Be wary and watch yourself.

-Brig. Borma

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Name: Iron Blade

Codename: Blade

Age: 52

Birth: 3/17

Gender: Stallion

Race: Unicorn

Likes: Technology, warfare, weapons, music (mostly remix and dubstep), the night, adventure, art and design, ideas, food, color red, and the important on of all (family and friends)

dislike: be bored and family/friends dies

BG: He's the commander of a army name (Night Guard), working in the NG for 30 years, he assists in overseeing the staff's planning and coordination of a mission, sometimes he goes’ to the front lines to assist the soldier to fight on, his breaks after work, sometimes go home and help training to some enlisted soldiers also himself, he mostly goes’ to the shooting range to test some weapons out, he have some officers and generals are friends with him in the army, and finally, after each battle victory, he takes enemies as prisoners if they survive the attack.

Personality: honor, brave, smart, protester, and single

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(I fixed my griffon)
Name: mimic
Race: griffon
Gender: male
age: 13.47

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Could somegriffion or somepony turn me into a grifion, im bad at drawing ( never mind i got it)

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Name: Inferno Blaze

Sex: Stallion

Race: Pegasi

Age: 28

Faction: United Equestria Navy

Rank: Supreme Commander (Admiral)


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Name: Hotshot Adeveonde

Gender: Stallion

Race: Pegasi

Age: 22

Excovert ops (Ex EDF)

my ship, the Victoria Torrenz approaches Does anyone copy? This is Commander Inferno Blaze of the UESS Victoria Torrenz

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We are no longer known as the Griffon Kingdom anymore. Now we are a empire and is now separated into three kingdoms:

North, Central and South

As you know another way to mention Griffonia is The Griffon Kingdom formally.

The Central Griffon Kingdom is the heart of the Empire which represents the political reform and control. The North represents the industrial, technology, business and the South represents the military power.

As I said that we are now an empire, please enjoy your stay.

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                                  BIO UPDATE
Name: Jace Malcom

Sex: Male

Age: N/A

Race: Meathorian

Faction: EDF/UESF

Rank: EDF/ Master Sargent. UESF/Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy

BIO: Is the last of his race. the meathorians were an ancient race of technologically advanced ponies that had strongholds on many planets in the galaxy. but we were eradicated  by the Ceph, an evil species that is looking to erase the meathorians from the face of history
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