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The calculator on my Droid phone comes up with infinity for 20 divided by 0, then it comes up with negative infinity for 20 divided by -0.  Does Droid know something that the NumberPhile doesnt?? Or is it just a snafu on the programmers part?

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wishing there was an easier way to share from tumblr to google+ communities

Hey there,

Found your plotter map through google search to plot out possible links and control fields for Ingress. I tried to Register but its not doing anything after I hit the Register button. Any suggestions? 

got localStorage working - now having some conflicts, just gotta figure out where they all are.

Today I will be working on getting localStorage working.

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Multiplottr is an online google customization website. I am currently upgrading the old code that uses Google Maps V2  to V3 - and updating a lot of the interface and how the addresses are geocoded. On here and tumblr I will be updating the progress of the site.
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