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Thanks for joining. Please read.

First of all, be sure to check the bar in the left side, or the dropdown menu in mobile, where you will find all community sections, and post according to it.

I know many of you may wonder whenΒ will updates for my apps come back, so I'm just going to ask you to wait.

University has started and it's my priority. I need to focus on it.

I will try to work on the new dashboard for the icon packs, and once it's finished, I will update them with icons and stuff regularly.

But please understand my time is really limited now, and I have priorities.

Just be patient and stay tuned. If I eventually work faster, or finish something earlier, I will work on the other projects earlier too.ο»Ώ

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Some important info for those who are waiting/wanting to use the new Frames πŸ˜‰
Hello everyone

The new version Frames is getting closer and closer to release ... I think it is actually ready to be released.

Anyways, some translations need to be finished before I publish it.

So, please, if you can, help me updating Frames' translations.

As soon as the current 10 partially translated languages (or even more) get completely translated, the new version will be released. πŸ˜‰

Thanks in advance for your contributions 😁

PS: The new IconShowcase version will still take a couple weeks more. I will do my best to work on it as much as possible, but University is taking a lot of my free time.

+1s and reshares are welcome and appreciated 😊

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Hello everyone

I just wanted to let you all know that I have been working hard to finish Frames soon so I can make it available for everyone asap.

Right now, it is pretty stable but I would like to have a couple people to test it.

In case you didn't know, I have a Patreon page [1], where you can support my work, and be rewarded for doing so.

All $3+ patrons, will gain early access to use the new Frames, and also priority support. So, if you're not one yet, what are you waiting for? πŸ˜‹πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜…

Additionally, I have made a post [2] for all the patrons, with some exclusive/top-secret info about the new Frames, the new IconShowcase and another small extra project I am working on. Additionally, they will be getting an early preview of Frames in the next days, too.

So, if you want to get access to them, you can become a patron with just $1. πŸ˜‰

These are not the only rewards for patrons, so be sure to check out my page, and if possible, consider supporting my work. I'll appreciate it a lot.

Thanks in advance 😊

+1s and reshares are welcome and highly appreciated πŸ˜„


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Just in case anyone is interested in supporting me for my works! Thanks in advance :D
Minor update for Patreon


Well, a couple months ago, I created a page on Patreon for everyone who would like to support my work.

Right now there are only 2 people (+Huub Ver and Jaden Pleasants (+*** for some reason I can't tag you), thank you guys), and I think it was because of the rewards I offered.

So, I decided to do minor changes to those rewards, offering more things for lower pledges, and deleting some actually expensive pledges too.

I hope this could motivate more people to support my work.

On a side note, if you want to support me because you are interested in my future icon pack, I want to let you know that unfortunately, it won't come as soon as I wanted it to.

This University's semester is getting harder, and my free time is almost null, and also I'm not getting good enough grades, so I must focus on this and improve them. The semester finishes in 2 months, and after that I will work really hard on the icon pack, because is something that I have been wanting to make real for a long time.

Just so you keep that in mind, but hope you decide to support me for bigger reasons.

Thanks in advance for anyone who gets interested in supporting my works.

+1s and reshares are welcome. Thanks :)

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Hey people...

A few days ago I let you know that I would start working on an icon pack, that I have been wanting to make for some time already.

I also haven't been really active on Dribbble and thought it would be good to showcase this teaser there too, so I made this post.

My patrons (+Huub Ver and +Jaden Pleasants) were able to see this teaser some days ago, but I decided to make it public so more people could get interested on it, provide some feedback about it, and maybe even become patrons too ( (Remember you get rewards when becoming a patron).

So, I'm looking for feedback regarding its design, the version you would like to see first (dark or light), or if you think one is better than the other, but I'm also (and especially) looking for help with a name for the icon pack.

Thanks :)

+1s and reshares are welcome and appreciated! :D

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Would you like to be one of the first people to try my upcoming icon pack?
Or would you even like to also support my work that I have shared with you?

Please check the Patreon site, and if you can, become a patron. You will be rewarded for your support!

Thanks in advance. πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜€
Hi people...

Well, I just wanted to share some news with you all...

I will start working on an icon pack soon, it will be an icon pack that I teased a long time ago, but I didn't had enough time to make it happen.

I plan to work on it as hard as possible, so I can hopefully publish an initial version by the end of this month or beginning of next.

The icon pack will be paid. Anyways, in case you missed it, I have created a Patreon site [1], which has some rewards for all the people that would like to support my work, and especially for those who would like to try the icon pack first.

Whatever you can help with, I will appreciate it a lot.

Regarding the icon pack, the rewards are as follows:
* $1+ patrons --> Get the icon pack for free. Get early access to it. 2 premium icon requests (meaning they will be the highest priority requests).
* $3+ patrons --> Same as previous patrons, plus: 2 promo codes for you to share with whoever you want and 3 extra premium icon requests (for a total of 5).
* $5+ patrons --> Same as previous patrons, plus: 5 extra promo codes (for a total of 7) and 5 extra premium icon requests (for a total of 12) and early access to videos of the design process.

These are only the rewards related to the icon pack. Some patrons have many other extra rewards, so please check the Patreon site and if you want to be one of the first people to try the icon pack, or would just like to support my work, become a patron.
Thanks in advance. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰

PS: +1s and reshares are welcome and appreciated! πŸ™‚



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Just in case some people in the community would like to support my works.
Thanks in advance!
Hey people...

I just wanted to let you know that I have created a Patreon page, for everyone who would like to support any of my works.

When you support my works you can get rewards, so please give it a look and help with whatever you can.

I will appreciate it a lot!
Thanks in advace. 😊

+1s and reshares are welcome too! πŸ˜‰πŸ™‚ο»Ώ

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Introducing 'Tap for Keep' and 'Tap for Todoist'

Tap is a floating button that allows you to create notes or tasks quickly, by just pressing the button.

Tap is the re-work of the app I published some days ago. (Download links at the end).

1. +Eduardo PrattiΒ informed me about an issue with its name, which sounded quite innapropiate (I didn't know about that term when I thought on its name).
2. I made the icon to be easily relatable to Keep app, but ignored the fact that it looked too similar and I may have run into copyright issues.

I decided to unpublish the app for a while, work on the name and the icon, and the publish it again.

Eduardo also suggested me to implement some kind of physics to the button, so I decided to take the unpublishment as an opportunity to come back with something better, and here's the result. Thanks Ed.

Also, +Anthony NguyenΒ  helped with ideas for the new name. Thanks.


Why did I create Tap for Todoist?
Since the launch of the first version of the app, I thought that it would be helpful for me, as a Todoist user to have this for Todoist too. Also, a day after the publication +Maximilian KeppelerΒ asked me if I could do it. It only required some changes in the main code, so I decided to try to do it, and I was able to.

I hope more people find it useful.


What's new in Tap?
- Rewritten button code to implement physics, add animations and improve the performance/experience.
- Added a color picker to customize Tap's button. (Shoutout to +James FennΒ and his ColorPickerDialog library).
- Added custom icons. You can choose from 10 different options. (I don't plan to add more or custom ones. Sorry.)
- Added a licenses dialog to mention all the libraries I used in the app.

I hope you like the new versions of Tap.

Please share this post so more people get to know it. And don't forget to leave a positive rating on Play Store if you like it.


Download 'Tap for Keep':
Download 'Tap for Todoist':
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Hey people, would you mind helping me translating the texts of any of these projects (or all of them πŸ™„πŸ˜…πŸ˜‰ ) to more languages?

Thanks in advance. πŸ™‚

3. (This one has only 9 words)ο»Ώ

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Queep v 1.1 has been published

Thanks for all your support with my new app. I'm glad to see many people using/liking it.

Please continue sharing/recommending it to all the people you know. And don't forget to leave a positive review on Google Play Store. ;)

Thanks in advance.

- Added Spanish translations. Help translating Queep to your native language here:
- Fixed some grammar issues in Intro. Thanks to +Aidan FollestadΒ for the help.
- Fixed scrolling issues in different sections.
- Fixed too big pictures in Intro.
- Fixed note window appearing even after just moving the bubble.
- Added widget to quickly enable or disable Queep bubble.
- Notification panel will now close after you press a tile. (Android 7+)

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