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Hello, and Welcome to the Pokemon Trading Company, an organization where we strive to clean out the Wonder Trade and make it a better place! Our mission is to "Wonderwash," fill the WT with at least moderately valuable Pokemon so that people are not sifting through the trash that exists there today to find good Pokemon. once a month, each member chooses a hard-to-get or out-of-region Pokemon that they have and hatches as many eggs as possible of that Pokemon. Then, each member takes those Pokemon to WT, releasing all the trashy Pokemon and keeping anything else that the member might want, then putting the rest back into the WT system. This way, the WT will be filled with good Pokemon rather than the garbage that is on there most of the time now! The community also features Battling and Trading between members, allowing the team to connect and show off the things they get on WT.

New: We now have a discord server that I invite you all to join. It's a little more chill, and it will give us all some bonding time. The link is below:

A few rules and guidelines for the community:
► When you first join, is is highly suggested that you fill out a Member Profile. It's nothing serious, just your Trainer Name, Pokemon team, Pokemon your looking for, your Friend Code (if you feel comfortable with that), and other general information.
► No unrelated content on the community. We are dedicated to cleaning up the WT and don't need other things clogging up the community.
► No cussing, swearing, bad language, or inappropriate content. If you wouldn't say it around a 5-year old, don't say it here. (And even if you would, don't say it anyway.)
► Each member is REQUIRED to choose 1 Pokemon a month and hatch it for WT. And don't hatch only 10 and say you're done. Hatch at least 1 box full, or as many as your busy schedule will allow. Remember, the more we send out, the faster we Wonderwash! Acceptable Pokémon are hard to find Pokémon, any shinies, out of region Pokémon (not starters), and high IV Pokémon.
► Also, please let me know what Pokemon you're hatching each month. I will go ahead and add it to a database so I can see what is getting into the WT each month.
► You can keep all the good Pokemon you get in Wonder Trade, but if you don't really need it, go ahead and send it back in. And MAKE SURE you release all the trashy Pokemon.
► Go ahead and turn notifications for this community on. If you don't know how, it's in the top right corner of the picture for the community. Click on the little three dots.
► Be aware that I will ban someone if they cause too much trouble. That's usually after 3-4 warnings, and straight out if they do something really blatant.

Trainer Name:
(Are you a boy? Or are you a girl?)
Friend Code: [Not a required field]
Pokemon Team:
Favorite Game:
Pokemon you're looking for right now:

3rd Edition

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A new month is on its way, which means that it's time to find out what Pokémon everyone is going to WT in October! Please comment down below the Pokémon you are going to Wonderwash with!

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So I just got a used copy of OR today from a local video game store near me look what on it I think the Pokémon r hacked some are shiny but most aren't though thought I should wonderwash some of them they are all competitive I checked is that a good idea?
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Finished my Wonderwash with Cyndaquil and Spinda, and got a few good things.

-A Sneasel (which I hadn't caught yet)
-A Rockruff with 2 egg moves (Fire and Thunder Fang)
-A Stufful with 2 egg moves (Ice and Thunder Punch)
-A Lv. 1 Ralts (which I didn't have)
-A Shiny Lv. 100 Groundon which had previously had Pokerus holding a Gold Bottle Cap. It's obviously hacked or genned, but I'm going to probably keep it since I don't battle online anyways.

The rest was trash. But not a bad haul!

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All at least 2 31 IVs most are 5 31 IVs all modest

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Results from wonderwash mawile is the only thing worth keeping and I will make this my October wonderwash
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I have been desperately looking for a Shiny litten. I am willing to trade a Shiny 6IV Arceus to get one.
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5 days until the Wonderwashing begins, and I still need to know what everyone is Wonderwashing! Comment the Pokémon you will be using below.

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September is fast approaching, which means that it's time to find out what Pokémon everyone is going to WT! Please comment down below the Pokémon you are going to Wonderwash with!

Great work on the Wonderwashing so far this month guys! We still have about 2 weeks left to go, so there is still time to hatch some more (or you can prepare for next month!
Just as a note, Wonderwashing with specific Pokemon begins on the 1st of each month and ends on the last day of each month. You can wonderwash with other Pokemon if you have them, but it's not neccesary. (In answer to +Rocket Grunt Zack and +Mr. Espy's question.)
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