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401st corporal Rob and a team of 401st have been sent to a small village in jakku to patrol for any sign of Rebellion or Outcast

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Name: 401st corporal Robert

Serial name: QNK-705

Division: 401st intelligence bureau

Age: unknown

Gender: Male

Personality: ?????

Home planet: Umbara?

Serves for The First Order.


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Here are some pics of my 2ed charter Lilly
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Who is your favorite force awakens charter?
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Kylo Ren
Other ( in the coments )

2ed Charter:
Name: Lilly
Gender: Female
Age: 28
looks: wavy blond hair that goes to her waste put into two braids winded together, blue eyes, padawan braid.
home planet: corasont/ tatoween
Species: human
 If you have the force:  yes
Sith/Jedi: Jedi 
Rank: Jedi  padawan at first then Jedi knight.
Master: Obi-wan
History: Lilly was the only youngling that servied order 66! When Anakin came into the room were she and her friends were hiding one of the younglings came out from were they were hiding and ask for help. The  Anakin drew out his lightsaber and killed him! All the other younglings ran into the coner and wile he was killing them Lilly ran over to a vent that she made into a door and crawled inside the vents. after Anakin left the temple she saw Master Obi-wan and Master Yoda walking around she crawled out of the vents and ran to them. Yoda said " young one what has happened" not saying a word Lilly hugged Yoda crying. Obi-wan toke her to tatoween were he train her as a padawan wile he watched Luke. Obi-wan and Lilly fought Darth Vader together on the Death Star. When her master was killed she cried out when Vader swan his lightsaber at her she ducked slid under him grabbing her master's lightsaber stood up and jumped out the door before it closed and got on the falcon with Luke before it closed. She never got over Obi-Wan's Death. Wile Luke sat there sad in the other room on the ship, she was crying like crazy on the floor in the cockpit. Now when ever someone say his name she will start crying. She Joined the reblaian  she went with Luke to train with Yoda ( when they got to the plant she did not tell Luke who Yoda was ). Yoda was very happy to see her as was she. After her training with Yoda she became a Jedi Knight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What kind of characters can we make? (Soldiers Jedi's? )

So glorious

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Name: Galen Marek
Nickname: Starkiller
Gender: Male
Looks: Pictures below( From the Force Unleashed II )
Home planet: Unknown (cloned on Kamino)
Species: Human
Has the force: Yes
Jedi/Sith: Jedi
Rank: Knight
Personality: Loyal, brave, cunning, smart, persistent, and compassionate. 
Extra information: Dislikes the Empire and Sith
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