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Hello and Welcome to the Google+ #FitnessBloggers  Community

Please take a moment to have a quick read of our guidelines before posting.

Update 08-05-2013 Please do not post health and fitness advice links

We are a community of Fitness Bloggers and our aim is to help offer advice, create engagement and start quality discussions on all things Blogging, SEO, Social Media.

We want to help all levels of bloggers grown their blog audience, build traffic and network with some of the best blogging brains on the Interwebz....

Conversation Ideas
{Blog Monetization}
{SEO best practice}
{Paid Search}
{Ebooks and business ideas}
{Social Media Hints and Tips}

Original Guidelines Below

1/. Please choose the right category before posting!!
2/. Please take a moment to introduce yourself --Say Hello--
3/. Please try and add some insight into posts that contain external links, if you want to Promote Your Own Blog at least tell us why we should read it!!  *No Link Dumping Please*
4/. No Spam
5/. Please be kind and courteous to all members
6/. If you like our community please invite your friends
7/. No Spam :)
8/. We have a great team of volunteer Moderators who I will highlight in this post if you need any help please contact myself or a Moderator.
9/. Keep the conversations flowing and regularly check Let's Discuss and jump in and have your say :)
10/. No Spam

Thank You

-------------------------------Updated 11/01/13 --------------------------------

Guest Blogging Guidlines for Our #FitnessBlogging  Community.

Hi Guys since this topic has been raised quite a few times already... I wanted to try and set some guidelines so this community does not just become a free-for-all guest blogging mess!!!

I want to #GuestBlog    

1/. Please use category Guest Blogging if you would like to write a post.

2/. Give as much detail about yourself and the topics you can cover.

3/. Do not get offended if your offer is declined or you don't get any takers :)

4/. Be honest about your back links and what you would like in return.

5/. Don't hassle blog owners about a post going live -- We are all busy!!

6/. Please only send quality content -- don't give our community a bad name.

I want to host #GuestBlogs   on my site 

1/. Please make offers in the Guest Blogging Category

2/. Try and give a reason why someone should blog on your site.

3/. Let us know your requirements and if you have any special requests.

4/. Honour the guest bloggers links as agreed.

5/. Do your own due diligence, check for spun copy and duplicate content.

5/. If you decline an article please give a reason, try to be constructive :)

6/. If you are offered payment - Google advises use rel="nofollow"
Remember these are only my guidelines to help this community grow.. and become a great place for   #FitnessBloggers   to "Hang-Out"

Think we have missed something add a comment I will be happy to tweak the list if need be....



+The Fitness Blogger Network 

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No Touch Martial Arts Reality.
No Touch Martial Arts Reality.

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