icor prepares for the big trip grabbing a couple scrolls and fruit, he sets off to deliver some package. I'm suppose to bring it to some cave near the old Nightwing kingdom

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First dragon :
Name: Ayano
Age: 1000 (she's already an elder due to her species)
Gender: female
Species: Comet dragon
Likes: being alone, thinking, gliding, hunting, talking to spirits and ghosts
Dislikes: when filly and fully disturb her, too many dragons being around her, being disturbed, being called weird, etc
Personality: patient, calm, intelligent
Bio: she will tell her bio in the future
Side: good
Crush: none
Mate: thorax
Relationship : none
Family: dead

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Name: Vermillion

Age: little over 75

Gender: Male

Kills: (If Hunter)

Protects/Tames: (If Tamer)

Likes: Shiny things, valuables and Human meat, fighting

Dislikes: Taking orders, others getting into his private stuff, being weaker than other people, being mocked

Powers: breathes fire, can roar at frequencies loud enough to destroy eardrums and shatter mountains, very fast flier and can do black magic. can also change his voice and turn invisible

Personality: Hot headed and rather impulsive he's still rather young and inexperienced, a little harsh and can be rather creepy, at the same time he's kind and caring to certain dragons and doesnt really mind humans as much as other dragons do althogh he believes himself superior to them

Bio: He was raised on a mountain above a large village, his parents cared for him to the point of obssession and they didnt let him roam around for fear of him injuring himself, they refused to let him be independent or allow him to think for himself and as a result he grew to dislike them, at the first chance he got he ran away from home intending to start a new life but he wandered into hostile territory and was almost killed by a bigger dragonet, this changed him and he grew resentful and bitter. He started killing wherever he wanted, burning villages to the ground and gathering and hoarding jewels and other valuables. He'd kill any other dragons in his territory and soon he created a name for himself but he still tends to get lonely and wants a good friend although he doesnt know how to make any and his scary appearance doesnt help
Crush: No one
BF/GF: (open to others)
Relationship: (Open to others)
Family: (Open to other rpers)
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Name - gem lightning flash
Age - 101
Gender - female
Type - purple darkness
Species - dragon
Likes - evil dragons, bad boys, flying, night time
Dislikes - goodie toe shoes,day time
Powers - black fire, black water needles, black nightmare
Personality - evil, a little nice, always hungry, enjoys watching dragons fight and hurt each other
Side - evil
Bio - ???!
Crush - open
Mate - none
Relationship - no friends
Family - ???!

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Name:Loki moon
Powers:cosmic attacks
Enemy's:hunters,some dragons
Friends:some dragons,lots of Wyvern,not very much with hydras
Personality:kinda shy, kind,very active,mysterious,mostly loud or quiet
Dislikes:being annoyed,getting into fights,
Bio:Loki doesn't like to be crowded or asked too many questions all at once,she's usually in the sky or perched up on a mountain top but hates when other dragons talk about her wings and gets very irritated.
(I might update it when I get a chance and the credit goes to the artist)

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Name: Crystonia
Age: 300000 (Human years)
Gender: Female
Type: Crystal
Species: Dragon
Likes: Being alone, being victorious in battles of speech, resting, silence.
Dislikes: Being in crowded areas, having to battle physically, sudden loud noises.
Attacks/Powers: Can create weapons from crystals, tends to use wings, claws and tail, can use crystal-based attacks.
Personality: Quiet, thoughtful, slightly boastful and egotistical.
Side: Neutral.
Crush: None.
Mate: None.
Relationship: Eh?

The pic isn't mine. I'm not in the mood to draw.


Name: Shadowkiller
 Gender: female
Type: metal scaled black dragon with blood red eyes
 Species: dark 
Likes: darkness
Dislikes: light
Attacks/Powers: can become shadow, can breath hellfire, and can grow in size
Personality: a hot head and can be hard to tame. (feel free to try though all you dragon tamers) has a nasty temper and was born on a red moon
Side: neutral

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foregot the pic of me

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(Using Foxn)
tries to catch scavenger but it slashed my underbelly and crashes

Animated Photo

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(Using Starflight)
*pirched on a rock
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