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Still show please update the donate key to latest version after update both key and application

Why everytime I set governor to conservative clock speed shows at a constant 1400 in my g3 but if I set it back to interactive frequency jumps from 300 to 900? I actually use up more battery in conservative and phone heats up :/


Do Trickstermod support 64bits CPU's like sd810? (HTC One M9)?

Hello guys. I'm trying to switch from LG's colour profile to Google's stock one. I'm currently on franco.Kernel on the Nexus 4. I downloaded UKM and extracted the gammafranco_prof in order to see the numbers for each value. Thing is the numbers are:
"Google_Stock 255 255 255 64 68 118 32 64 68 118 32 32 35 116 51 0 0 48" and I don't know where to place these in. Any help?

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We found the problem with donate status, the FAQ has been updated with this info
Q: TM asks me to update my donate key but I'm having the latest version?
A: Donate check was blocked by app like Greenify Deep Hibernation feature. This seems to be a bug as TM is not listed in the Greenified list. For now please disable Deep Hibernation feature and report this problem to Greenify developer.

Donate status problem again:
After checking the logcat of some of the users that have been having this problem. I found that it's caused by some kind of battery saver app/xposed module that I don't know:
04-04 14:56:59.912 I/DeepHyber(887): Restrict awakening service binding: Intent { act=com.bigeyes0x0.trickstermod.premium.ServiceLicenseCheck3 flg=0x10 pkg=com.bigeyes0x0.trickstermod.premium }
04-04 14:56:59.912 W/ActivityManager(887): Unable to start service Intent { act=com.bigeyes0x0.trickstermod.premium.ServiceLicenseCheck3 flg=0x10 pkg=com.bigeyes0x0.trickstermod.premium } U=0: not found

Any of you know an app/module that produces log under DeepHyber tag?

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I'm not sure how to go about installing the proper applets.
Please enlighten me. Fred Jones
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When I save my adjusted color profile (give a name for that when saving it). In which folder Trickster Mod stores this saved color profile?

Как включить double tap на lolipop nexus 5
Trickster mod установлен и сделал пожертвование
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