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Building Success on: Industrial Aerospace Foam Market Plan

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Currently, North America is the biggest market of aerospace foams, accounting for nearly 38.18% of the total market size in terms of value in 2014. Among all the countries, the U.S. dominates the aerospace foams market, which accounted for the maximum market share in 2014 closely followed by China. Polyurethane foams are the largest material type of aerospace foams in terms of volume followed by metal foams. The European market is comparatively mature with a consumption growth rate well below the average market growth.


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Exotic Metals? Hard Chrome? Hard Anodising? Electroless Nickel? Heat Treatment? Vacuum Coatings?

What's the right solution when your components need to withstand high levels of wear, heat and corrosion?

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Chemical Blacking

What is it?
Chemical Blacking is sometimes referred to as ‘Blackening’ or ‘Blackodising’ is a conversion coating meaning that where in other metal finishing processes a layer is added above the substrate, here a coating is achieved through a chemical reaction between the ferrous metal and the oxidising salts used in the black oxide coating.

Dimensional Changes
One of the key differences with chemical blacking is that unlike processes such as anodising where a coating is formed both above and below the surface, Chemical Blacking has a negligible effect on the dimensional tolerances of the part and produces a smooth even coating making it ideal for components such as screw threads, bearing fits, threaded holes and internal machine parts. Chemical Blacking offers increased lubricity and anti-galling properties to components.

Corrosion Resistance
Chemical Blackening increases resistance to corrosion and is particularly effective in environments with moisture. Typically this is improved through immersing components in wax, oil and other preventative sealants which are absorbed by the coating.

Hot & Cold
Depending on the material that is being coated, Silchrome will use either a ‘Hot’ or ‘Cold’ process in order to apply chemical blacking. Hot metal blackening is carried out on stainless and carbon steels and operates through the use of sodium hydroxide which is combined with an oxidising agent such as sodium nitrate. A ‘Cold’ process can also be applied to ferrous metals (except stainless steel) where the coating can be applied at room temperature and no hot solution is needed. This ‘cold’ process consists of a copper selenium compound rather than black oxide.

Low Cost
One of the main benefits of this process is its low cost when compared to other processes such as painting and plating. This makes it a popular process for a number of components including: Tool Parts, Jigs and Fixtures, Gears, Transmission Drives, Springs and much more.

Get in touch
Silchrome have one of the widest arrays of metal finishing processes in the UK, all carried out in our production facility in Leeds. We are fully ISO certified and pride ourselves on our fast lead times and exceptional service.


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Zinc Phosphating Features

Zinc Phosphating is a conversion coating. This means that unlike electroplating where a metal coating is applied on top of the base material, during the zinc phosphating process the base metal with interact with the chemical creating a coating both outside and inside.

Zinc Phosphate is most often used as a carrier for lubricants and anti-corrosion waxes. Zinc Phosphating creates a uniform, smooth and thin film coating that enables other coatings to be applied over the phosphate layer. In this way good levels of corrosion protection are achieved whilst retaining low friction.Zinc Phosphating can act as a carrier for; lubricants, paint systems, drawing compounds, anti-friction coatings and rust inhibiting solutions.

The colour produced varies from light to dark grey, but Zinc Phosphating can also be dyed black to produce a glossy matte finish.

Zinc Phosphating can be applied either through immersion in a tank, or through a spray. Silchrome Plating offer medium and heavy weight immersion coatings. This
meets the requirements of DEF STAN 03-11/1 Class II, as well as British Standard BS 3189:1973 Type 1B on both hot and cold rolled steel.

What We Offer
We can Zinc Phosphate small to medium sized components with a process window of 1500mm x 500mm x 900mm.Silchrome carry out all our comprehensive range of coatings from our headquarters in Leeds, West Yorkshire

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Are you tired of wasting time and energy while cleaning and polishing stainless steel? We have created the perfect solution for your problem. With a height of only 32 cm and a weight of only 7 kilos, the new Cougartron ProPlus Weld Cleaner is the newest innovation which will assist you in the maintenance of the stainless steel.
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We #machine parts for #Telecommunication Industries.  How can we help you?

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Looking for CNC machining,  manufacturing sheet metal products and finishing in Canada... call us on :  905-660-4144 / 1-888-417-4411.

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Future of Homeland security in India #Homelandsecurityindia
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