Eine neue Version des eVWe Planner ist nun im Google Laden. Die Neuigkeit ist, dass wir die Software ins Deutsche uebersetzt haben. So Sie koennen nun alle Plaene und Budget Templates in Deutsch benutzen.

Andere Verbesserungen sind ein Widget, das Sie zum Countdown fuer ihre Veranstaltungen benutyen koennen.

New Version of the eVWe Planner was just released to the App Store. There is now a widget that you can use with the app that aprovides a countdown for any event on your devices homepage. To activate go to Widgets on your Android device and drop the widget on your desk top. You can then select the event you want the countdown for. 

This can be changed on some devices using the Edit function or you just simply create another widget. If you have multiple events you can have all of them in a widget if you need multiple count downs.

The  new version also has a little Facelift across the board and has quite a few defect fixes. Undocumented feature is the support of google backup. Try to install the software on a new device. We are still testing this, but try it out. It only works when you have the new version for a while as Google backs up infrequently.

We did a fair bit of work in the guts of the system to make it more stable and support later versions. So we are pretty confident that the user experience has greatly improved.

Last but not least we have tranlsated the app to more languages. The first cap of the rank is German and we are working on Spanish, French and Portuguese to support a wider audience.

Let us know what you think and how we can improve the software. Always interested to improve the software. 

Eine neue Version des eVWe Taschenrechners ist ab heute verfuegbar. Die neue Version ist nun vollstaendig in Deutsch uebersetzt. Wir haben auch das Benutzerhandbuch uebersetzt. 

Ausserdem wurden einige Fehler im Program behoben.

New Version of the Calculator is coming out today. What is new? We now support German as a language. We also added a new User Guide in German to the Website.
Additionally, there are a number of Bug Fixes.

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We just released the first Video Tutorial. This tutorial is an overview following the example of a wedding. 

This tutorial is a must watch when you are new to the eVWe Planner.

Just release a new version of the App including some bug fixes.

There was a problem with Budget Items. When a budget item was updated it created a new item instead of updating the existing. Fixed

On creating a new Guest the preferences would not save. Fixed

Screen navigation on delete Supplier is fixed. Now the Detail Tab is opened when the supplier is deleted.  

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The Initial Versions of the eVWe Planner and eVWe Planner Lite have been released. Check it out at:

eVWe Planner  -  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.evwe.eventweddingplanner

eVWe Planner Lite - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.evwe.eventplanner

Have Fun.
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