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Does any one want to Rp? I don't care how fucked up it gets, I just want to roleplay....

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"Do you know what I've been going through?"

You scream, violently shoving your best friend into the wired fence in the school's courtyard. You expect him to be shocked, or even scared, yet he kept his ground with an emotionless expression.

There were several students in the courtyard. Some watched the whole scene, some left to get help, some pulled out their phones to record, and some used those same devices to drown everything out.

"Do you know what I'm going through?"

He whispered in response, although it was inaudible compared to the chanting students and yelling teachers bustling towards you. Before you could even think about comprehending what the other just said, you were being pulled away from him and you were both being dragged out of the courtyard and into the school's building.


Several days passed and you were just getting back to school from your suspension. On the other hand, the lucky bastard of a friend got let off the hook.

As you roamed the halls, you got stares, whispers, even students asking you questions. However what really seemed to piss you offer as the fact that the shy boy you once cared about was suddenly so outgoing and popular.

Was it the fight? The pity that came from it?

You could practically feel the acidic bile rising up in you as you watched the young man each day as he slowly rose up to the top of your school's food chain.

You watched as he waved and flashed a sweet smile to everyone he passed. Although he was adored, you never saw him actually hang out with these people. In class, he kept to himself, when you eavesdropped on conversations plans were never made. It was almost as if his so called "gift" was going to waste.


As weeks began to pass, you noticed the boy you hated was slowly falling back down to his place in the chain, perhaps even lower. He never waved to anyone anymore, flashed a kind grin, or even socialized with the other students.

You almost felt pity for him. If it weren't for him being a complete douche, you would've apologized. However, why apologize for something you didn't start?

Soon he stopped coming to school, which deep deep down, made you feel a bit worried. As you sat down for your last class of the day, one of the cutest and sweetest girls you knew came up to you.

You straightened yourself out and raked your fingers through your hair, preparing for anything she was going to throw at you.

"You know your little friend... uh what's his name..."

She paused and you frowned, rolling your eyes at the outcome.

"I was told that he's home sick, and he's missed out on a lot of work. I was thinking since you might know where he lived, you could take his work home instead of me?"

You had to force the bile down just to hear that question. Just the mere thought of that snake made you want to die.

"I'll give you his address instead."

You muttered in annoyance. There was no way you were going to that rat's house. However, you just couldn't let her near him. Who knows what his manipulative little ass could do.

"Never mind, it's cool, I'll take the work."

You beamed, only for your sweet grin to falter when she plopped a stack of papers so big your desk almost fell.

Haha sorry for the awkward/odd intro, I just needed to write lol

Seke needed (no "I'm usually this" NO that's unfair!!)
a paragraph 5-7 is preferred if that's too much (which it shouldn't be) don't bother
Try to make up a scenario that makes life hard (but not too hard) for your character
This is a RP based off real life. No furries, vampires, werewolves, etc
Don't be fast paced, your character has beef with mine in the beginning so don't jump to sex, love, etc.
Pls use an adult character because I do not condone underage sex/pedophilia
Just because our characters are adults does not mean they will be fucking each other raw
And pls for the love of chin chin DONT CONTROL MY CHARACTER HOLY FUCK WE WILL BOX

Sorry if I come off bossy, I'm just tired of ppl who can't get their shit together

If you read all this and want a pp, answer this question... Who got suspended from school the longest?

Note: I won't give away any details about my character until I give you a pp. The only info for now is that my character is male and has white/blonde hair
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I looked around trying to find you as I sat in the middle of your "play room". I panted heavily as I turned my head to the right and then to the left. I knew you were still in here, I've gotten used to your tricks. Pretending to leave the room when you really just stood by the door and watched as I cried out for you to come back for me. You always stood there, just watching as I struggled against the ropes and yelled for you, despite the pain from my wounds. You watched with your sadistic smiled as you sat down quietly. You hated how I would start to realize you didn't actually leave but for you, I always started to cry out for you.

"M-master? Where are you? I cant find you this didn't leave right?"

*Like always, I started to struggle and tears went down my cheeks and got the blindfold wet. Your smile only grew *

"Master?! Y-you're still here right?! Please answer me Master!!"

I kept crying as I thrashed around as I kept trying to look for you. Even though I didn't stop moving you could tell I was shaking. I really couldn't tell you were here.

[Two years ago]
I sat in the ally way, staring at the wall in front of me as the rain made my body, hair and clothes become wet. That's when you appeared and put your umbrella over me. I slightly looked at you with my blank eyes. You were the CEO of a very powerful company. Thinking you might hurt me, I slowly crawled away from you but didn't get far before I collapsed. You stared down at my skinny body before you picked me up and took me to your house. There I ate and slept and I just started to live with you. Somewhere along they way we got into a relationship but it quickly turned into me being your slave. Not that I minded of course, I honestly enjoyed it but I hated it when you left me alone by myself. Even from the beginning I wanted to stay by your side, even going to work with you a few times._

You finally had enough of me trying to struggle. Even though you didn't show it often, you truly did care about me. you walked over to me and placed you hand on my head. I quickly stopped moving and looked in your direction as your hand made its way down and you caressed my cheek and I leaned into your touch smiling.


I mumbled to myself. You smiled and you...

~Male needed
~My names Yuki
~you must be dominate
~be mean but also kind

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Any semes or seke wanna try this out.

He's gonna help you out and you can 'thank' him in any way... Can be sexual is you so wish!~

Send me a pp if you can't comment.

My character is a seke
"you'll pay for this! You will all pay for going behind my back! All of you, traitors!!"

The highest file shouted and began to point at all of the people around him. He growled lot as he stood tall, flaring his nostrils as he looked up. Whirling around to point at one more person, one person who he trusted most of all.

"And you most of all!! I trusted you with all of my secrets. I gave you the damn key to that room!"

He glared at (y/n) dangerously as he breathed heavily. The sword that was burrowed into his arm started to take a toll on him. He grunts as he stepped back, losing his balance he then turns and sprints off. Townfolk running after him, throwing whatever they find the most affective, soon out of sight.
They all went back to their homes, some giving (y/n) a harsh or calm look. The streets were now only quiet, that was the last time the highest Capital rule was seen. Story has it that he fell into some ditch and died there, others say he roams Around the outside of the community boundaries. Far beyond the lands of the outcasts. That was also the last time someone had trusted (Y/N) with a secret or even thought to hire him.

He was now in a terrible need of shelter and food, he had been causing mischief and chaos to those who don't need it. He was disrespected by most people, and along the lines of trusting with others.
It had started to rain (y/n) looked around for some type of shelter for now. But it was hopeless at this point. He would have to find a crate or something to keep him dry.

(I like more on the fantasy side But more chaotic and exciting. My character's name is Reju/ Rejumota. He's very tall and that's all I will tell you for now. It's more fun to learn about characters as we go)

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[∂σ үσυ ωιsн тσ σρεη тнιs ρяσғιℓε?]

[X] ү [__] η

σρεηιηg ρяσғιℓε...

10% ℓσα∂ε∂

30% ℓσα∂ε∂

50% ℓσα∂ε∂

100% ℓσα∂ε∂

ρяσғιℓε σρεηε∂!

Full Name: James Daniel Fawkes

Nickname: Junkrat, JD, One arm.

Date of Birth: 7/4/2000

Age: 16

Sexuality Closeted Gay Only out to Mcree and Hanzo

Occupation: Hero

Personality: Skiddish, Touched, Pyromaniac, always anxious

Appearance: Blonde hair that resembles fire, pale skin with scars all over he usually covers with makeup, bright orange eyes.

Clothing: Style varies constantly

History: James is named after his father Jamison Fawkes. He was raised by his father who occasionally had the help of Jack Morrison or Soldier 76. Obviously being raised by the original Junkrat he was going to get into some sort of danger or trouble, and that trouble came when him and his father were playing with pyrotechnics. His father pushed a button while the bomb was still in his hand, causing his arm up to his elbow to come off and burns on his body. Lucky for both of them Angelia heard the explosion and decided to check it out. Mercy managed to stop the bleeding and keep him calm throughout the process, the boy was different from that day on...more Skiddish and anxious. He was teased nonstop but didn't bother to tell anyone due to the fact that everyone would take it too far.


Junkrat/Jamison Fawkes(Father)

Soldier 76/Jack Morrison(Like a father)

Mercy/Angelia Ziegler(Like a mother)


Roadhog/Mako Rutledge

Hanzo Shimada

Jesse Mcree

D. VA/ Hana Song

Genji Shimada

‎Lúcio Correia dos Santos

Mei Zhou

Tracer/Lena Oxton



Pharah/Fareeha Amari

‎Reinhardt Wilhelm

Zarya/Aleksandra Zaryanova

Enemies:  N/A

Rivals: N/A

Like: Pyrotechnics Surprisingly , His Father, Playing around, being with his friends.

Dislike: Widowmaker, Reaper, Sombra, people making fun of him, people saying that the overwatch crew were the bad guys.

Weakness: His Friends

Powers/Abilites He's very good at programming and destroying things.... like his father

[∂σ үσυ ωιsн тσ cℓσsε ρяσғιℓε]

[X] ү [__] η

ρяσғιℓε cℓσsε∂
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Would anyone like to rp? I am looking for someone for Nuru. His bio is just Bellow, though this is the first draft of it so it may be missing some info.

FULL NAME: Nuru Imamu

MEANING: Spirit born of night



BIRTHDAY: 05/13/1992





THEME SONG(S): Florence +the Machine- Binding



HAIR STYLE AND LENGTH: Nuru’s hair is about to his ears. He has a shaggy messy style due to being to lazy to style it.

EYES COLOR: Blue, a pretty ocean blue.

EYESIGHT: He has perfect vision.


WEIGHT: 120 lbs

OUTFIT/CLOTHING STYLE: He's pretty stylish, or at least tries to be. He often wears some worn out jeans, a nice t-shirt topped off with a blazer. and his shoes are some casual ankle boots, with brown leather lacing. upon his head is a black hat.

DISTINGUISHING MARKS(SCARS, MOLES): he has scars on his hands. other than that, no.

FIRST IMPRESSION ON PEOPLE: Nuru is a very gentle person, he loves people and loves being around them. He's very kind and people tend to think so after first meeting him.

SKIN COLOR: a creamy mocha color, like a light tan.

BODY TYPE/BUILD: He's lean skinny, pretty lanky.

DEFAULT EXPRESSION: it's a emotionless face, though it's genuinely happy despite

POSTURE: A kyphosis posture, normal.

DESCRIBE THEIR VOICE:  Nuru has a thick african accent, yet it's not intimidating.


MOM: Ekua Imamu

DAD: Sebastian baldwin

PAST LOVER(S): He’s never dated anyone.

CURRENT LOVER: single and ready for a loving relationship

REACTION TO MEETING SOMEONE NEW: He's always nice and social, he loves to go out and about and just mingle.

ABILITY TO WORK WITH OTHERS: He's a very independent worker, and hates to work alongside others.

HOW SOCIABLE(LONER, ETC): He's sociable when the environment needs it to be.


PARENTAL TYPE(PROTECTIVE, ETC): Protective, he would love his kids to death.

AFFINITY WITH...: James dean. He doesn't know why.

FAVORITE PEOPLE: His mother, Ekua.

LEAST FAVORITE PEOPLE: He doesn't hate, not really.


..WHEN YOU FIRST MEET THEM: He’s a social and happy bean, he loves people and wants to know everything.

..AS YOU KNOW THEM BETTER(AND THEY LIKE YOU): He will plan little dates, get togethers ask to go to the movies, you know. Fun friend stuff.

..AS YOU KNOW THEM BETTER(AND THEY DISLIKE YOU): Well, then you won't remember him, as if he was never there.

FAVORITE COLOR: Green. The color of the world and its beauty.


FAVORITE ANIMAL: He adores zebras

FAVORITE INSTRUMENT: He plays the bass, so he's much more drawn to it.

FAVORITE ELEMENT: He's very in touch with his Zodiac so it would be Air

LEAST FAVORITE COLOR: White. It's like an unfinished canvas, a blank sheet, nothing.

LEAST FAVORITE FOOD: Pizza. he prefers his mother's cooking, she was a marvelous cook.

LEAST FAVORITE ANIMAL: Snakes, they terrified him ever since he was a child.

LEAST FAVORITE INSTRUMENT: The harp. Its pretty and all, but not his favourite.

LEAST FAVORITE ELEMENT: He loves them all unconditionally, they are what make the world whole


DRINK/SMOKE/DRUGS: He's a smoker and a drinker. Hes also used cocaine once or twice but that's his business.

DARK VERSION OF SELF: Nuru plays around in the dark arts. Blood magick. He loves that kind of stuff so when he's sunk himself into such things he's most definitely not his happy cheerful self. Something unnatural takes over him.

LIGHT VERSION OF SELF: He's always helping people with his skills and that's when he would be at his lightest, when he's mixing herbs or casting a sweet spell for someone in need.

HOW SERIOUS ARE THEY: Very serious, he can't joke about everything. The world isn't a place for just jokes.


BELIEVE IN GHOSTS: Yes of course.

(IN)DEPENDANT: Very Independent, when he was old enough to get a good paying job he did, and he took care of his mother until the very end.

SOFT SPOT/VULNERABILITY: He's very soft when it comes to his mother, when she died he couldnt take it.

OPINION ON SWEARING: Oh, he swears here and there, no shame in that.

DAREDEVIL VS CAUTIOUS: He's a daredevil in his own endeavors and cautious in the outside world.

MUSIC TYPE: He likes mellow indie music, My morning jacket, Broken bells, and vacations

MOVIE TYPE: Anything funny or fantasy related

BOOK TYPE: He loves a good mystery that and his spell books.

GAME TYPE: When he first moved in with his father he was around playing spyro, ratchet and clank, guitar hero, the playstation classics if you will.

COMFORTABLE TEMPERATURE: He likes the fall when it's not too hot for him to be in a cozy sweater.

SLEEPING PATTERN: He has a sort of insomnia so he's all over the place when it comes to sleep

CLEANLINESS/NEATNESS: He clutters things. Personally naru thinks it's clean but really its just cluttered.

DESIRED PET: He wants a precious kitten, not black but white. He wants to name it kiwi

HOW DO THEY PASS TIME: He often writes or spends time in the kitchen cooking or playing with his tarot cards.

BIGGEST SECRET: That he plays around in dark magik. he couldn't admit it.

HERO/WHO THEY LOOK UP TO: He looks up to Geddy lee the bass player/lead singer of rush. Man that guy can slap that bass.

WHAT ANIMAL WOULD THEY BE: He would be a lion. When he was in africa he always connected with them and their beauty, always feeling so close to them.

FEARS: He fears death of family.

COMFORTS: He finds comfort in reading and potion making.


SAD: He hides away, he's always so happy he never wants someone to see him upset.

HAPPY: When hes happy, hes just out and about doing what he loves.

ANGRY: He stays away from people, and his books. He will talk and rant. But he doesn't want to do anything stupid.

AFRAID: He tries to conquer all of his fears.

LOVE SOMEONE: Oh he has a fit, all blushy and whiney and he can't stop talking because he just wants to know more, tell more.

HATE SOMEONE: He won't hate you for long.

WANT SOMETHING: He gets it one way or the other, he has a job so he will find a way ti make it his.

CONFUSED: He won't act much different he would ask his father to explain it or break it down so he understands.


DANGER: He lets his adrenaline flow and tries to find the best way to save the people around him. He's quite selfless.

SOMEONE THEY HATE WHO HAS A CRUSH ON THEM: He will be a little awkward around them because he already hates/dislikes them.

PROPOSAL TO MARRY: Oh he would squeal and be the happiest man alive. Of course he would say yes if he felt it was the right one.

DEATH OF LOVED ONE:  He hides away, and hopes he can come to terms with it all, he just he can't handle death of them. he wants them back, he wants his mother back.

DIFFICULT GAME/MATH/ETC: He will probably find the cheat sheet

SOMETHING IRRESISTIBLY CUTE: take it, buy it, whatever he needs to do to make it his.

LOSS OF HOURS OF WORK: He's fine with it. He knows he can make up for it with a little trick or two.


BIOGRAPHY: Nuru was born in the Ivory Coast in a city known as Dabou. He was made from the undying love of his mother Ekua and sebastian. Ekua was a strong african woman, the most beautiful Sebastian had ever seen. Their love had turned into something pure and special planting the seed in which made Nuru. Nuru grew up without his father, yes, but he knew he loved him and his mother. Whenever he could he would send them a letter something to show he would get them out of their situation. Cites in the Ivory coast were taken by rebel gangs and Nuru just learned to live with it. He lived in fear of the gangs taking him to be warped into nothing but a child soldier. years went by of Nuru taking care of his mother hoping for his british father to come and rescue them but it was all too late. On the sixth of july Nuru would return home to his mother's death. Her crippled body upon the floor of their home. Not one in his family could explain. The scene scared his mind and yet he had to find a way to tell his father. taking all of the letters they had received he wrote his own telling his father of the news. how he would take all the money he and his mother had and fly out to liverpool. When sebastian had received this letter Naru had already fought to move their. He would be an illegal immigrant all until his father got the papers in order, but it would be worth it. They fly from his home was devastating, he just wanted to be with the man who claimed he loved him. He wanted to know him and love him as much as he did his mother. Sebastian took Naru under his roof with ease, he had no other children not even a wife proving to him that his father had truly cared for the both of them. When living in Liverpool he needed to find a place for him to fit in, something for him to grasp. The world seemed to find religion to be that of a safe place, yet none stuck to him. He had his religion for his home a belief of dance paying, a celebratory belief yet none of it had stuck with him. Nuru had tried catholicism, christianity, judaism, and even buddhism. They all seemed to preach the same word, the word of one all powerful being a god of sorts. Nuru believed in a god, yes, there had to be something of course but those religions they didn't speak true to his own heart. When he had come across wiccantry though, he had found a home. A home of sweet caring people where in the belief the mortal had power, power from the gods. He found a place in natural healing and lives on his own just a little ways from his father, he can’t bare to be too far from him in fear of losing him.


LANGUAGES: African and english.

SCHOOLING LEVEL: Nuru has little to no schooling, yet he he fairly smart. His father got him into some online schooling and he's learned well over the years, but he won't attend post secondary.

FAVORITE SUBJECT: When learning online he really enjoyed english. The power of words inspired him.

INTERESTED CAREERS: He has always wanted to be a healer, and that he is.

CHEMISTRY: Potion mixing is his kind of chemistry, the power of the earth being buried into something beautiful.

MATH: He has maybe a grade 10 level math beneath his belt

ENGLISH: a grade 12 level

GEOGRAPHY: where things are doesn't concern him.

POLITICS/LAW: That too doesn't concern him

ECONOMY/ACCOUNTING: He can handle his money well, his father helped him open a bank account.

COOKING: Oh, he learned so much from his mother, he is a very good cook

SEWING: His mother taught him how to make clothing too. He made her a beautiful dress once.

MECHANICS: when in africa he worked on cars and machines to help him and his mother get some extra cash, he was good at it and he appreciates the skill he now has.

BOTANY (FLOWERS): His mother adored flowers, she knew so little about them though.

READING LEVEL: He has a high reading level, he was always reading his father's letters and his mother taught him to read in both english and African.

HOW GOOD ARE THEY AT PLANNING AHEAD: He doesn't look to the future, just the present


DO THEY TAKE INITIATIVE: No, he's so nervous when it comes to relationships

HOW DO THEY ACT(SHY, CONFIDANT, ETC): Very shy, if he likes you it's easy to tell he's very shy and nervous. he doesn't want to embarrass himself.

GENTLEMAN/LADYLIKE VS KLUTZY: Oh he's a pure gentlemen, he always tried to sweep his mother off her feet to keep her happy, though he never really swung that way.

GO SLOW VS JUMP INTO: Slow, so very slow.

PROTECTIVE: If he loves you, he would protect you with his life, no matter what he would do anything for someone he dearly loves.

ACT LIKE FRIENDS OR LOVERS: He would act like your friend.

WHAT KIND OF PRESENTS DO THEY BUY: He would makes his own gift, something truely special

TYPE OF KISSER: He's an amazing kisser yet he doesn't know.

DO THEY WANT KIDS: Oh, yes he does. He know he can't have any but he wants a child to love and raise much like his mother loved and raised him.

DO THEY WANT TO MARRY: Yes! of course he wants to share himself with someone until he or they pass

MAKE GOOD OR BAD DECISIONS: Usually always good Choices other than when he doesn't

ARE THEY ROMANTIC: Yes, he's very romantic when he wants to be

HOW ARE THEY IN BED: He's a submissive, nervous and shy along with sensitive. He moans loudly and needily. He can take what you give and he loves to be a playful tease sometimes.

GET JEALOUS EASY: No, if you go flirting with another man or woman he wouldn't care, he wants someone loyal like his father who even though he was so far away he kept himself reserved. If you cheat on him he won't waste his time.

MARRY FOR MONEY: No, money is something he's never had a lot of, but since he's moved his found a thriving business for himself having his little shop.

FAVORITE POSITION: Oh he loves it when he can see his lover. so he would simply prefer to ride them. He wants to be able to kiss and show them how much they mean to him by giving away his whole self.

WHAT WOULD HAPPEN ON THEIR DREAM DATE: He would want a sweet little picnic with wine, bread, and cheese.

OPINION ON SEX: He thinks sex is something special that only two people that truly love each other can share. His body is a sacred temple and to allow someone inside that is special to him. He doesn't mind the fact of it being for pleasure since he also wants to make his lover pleased, but, there needs to be a real connection between them before he gives himself over. Nuru loves kinky things too though.


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You were a vampire on the run. You never stayed in one town too long. You would stay a couple days, hunt, then move on to the next town over. You were in a small little village hunting. You hadn't eaten in two weeks, you were starving. You decide to take a risk and go into town with a hoodie. You see a young boy walking down the sidewalk. You follow him for a while. You could tell that he didn't have many friends. Maybe not at all. He wasn't really sociable and seems to stick to himself sneaking food every so often.

A few people pass him. One boy passes him and trips him. He falls, scraping his hands and knees and he starts crying. The boy towers over him laughing and chases him into into an alley. He presses him against the wall by his neck and punches him in the stomach. You run down the alley towards the boy and...

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//He's a Seke but leans more to being submissive then Dom

General Information

First name: Willfred
Age: Unknown
Date of birth: Unknown
Race: Korean/ Demon(?)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Homosexual
Seme or Uke "You mean top or bottom! I am actually in the middle!" so Seke "That is Correct!"
Relationship status: Single

Traits of Voice

Accent (if any): Not exactly an accent just a trait of his voice
Language spoken: English
Other languages known: N/A
Style of speaking: Depends on how he feels
Volume of voice: Normally quite Quiet unless he's upset

Physical Appearence

Height: 5" 10'
Weight: 158 lbs
Eye colour: Brown
Skin colour: Pale
Distinguishing features: His pink mustache
Build of body: Big and muscular
Hair colour: Dark Brown occasionally has pink Bangs floof
Hair style: N/A
Complexion: "Do I look Like a makeup guru... I don't know much about complexion and all that"
Posture: relatively straight
Tattoos: none
Piercings: NA
Typical clothing: White button up shirt with a Pink bow tie, brown shorts and suspenders
Is seen by others as: Funny and Intelligent


Likes: Interviewing people, writing stories, telling jokes
Dislikes: Writer's block, His brother's habits
General attitude: Silly, forgetful, Outgoing
Religious values: None
General sociability: Always talking to someone

Guilty pleasures: The occasional blood to be spilt
Pet peeves: Markiplier interrupting him
Pets: None
Talents: Writing, making people feel certain ways
Favourite colours: Pink and White
Favourite type of music: Game show Im serious that's what he listens to
Favorite food: Anything
Favorite Drink: He has no favorite
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Yaoi rp?

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Any body wanna rp these?
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