Anyone used Mechnoir to do Mechwarrior (eg Battletech) yet?

Technoir + Augmented Reality - anyone tried that?

Been chewing on Technoir mechanics again, and I keep coming back to the pacing of harmful adjectives on Heavies and protagonists. I totally get that Technoir just isn't supposed to be the kind of game where you call in a one-shot sniper strike to take out the bad guy. On the other hand, I keep circling back to that "no one-shot loss of antagonist agency" rule and wondering whether there are any other ways to handle it. [Let me be clear: I'm not suggesting that Technoir gets it wrong. I'm just musing over what hacks might work and how they'd affect play]. Some time ago, +Scott Maclure raised a good question: why not use Mechnoir's armor rule to manage the "plot armor" protection that Technoir normally gives Heavies? In other words, why not let some Antagonists damage an Armor to discard a Sticky (or destroy it to disregard a Locked) adjective? Mechnoir uses this idea for combat between heavy vehicles, but Scott's good point was that it would work well on "Heavy" antagonists too, at the human vs. human scale.

That question never really provoked much response. Now that I've bought and read through Mechnoir, I think I really like the idea of porting this rule over. How might it work in play? Well, maybe you can throw whatever hurt you want at any antagonist you want, whenever you want, if you have the dice to pay for it. Want your shotgun to visit a one-shot Locked "dead" adjective on somebody? Go for it! If they're a henchman, no problem...if they're a Heavy, they may shrug it off via (appropriately narratively-justified) plot armor ("the street ninja spins aside, and your slug just grazes her trench coat"). The twist would be that an NPC who's burned through all their armor becomes just as vulnerable as a henchman, and would need to act vulnerable. Heavies still go down hard, but PCs are able to finish them off without undue fuss by the time the scenario really calls for it.
Thoughts? Rebuttals? Other ideas?

Hi there! I'm trying to find copies of the Transmission Worksheet/blank Threats worksheet so I don't have to build them out myself. I've only come across the Scribd files, which are behind a credit card-required wall (even for the 'free trial'). Does anyone happen to have these? Are they okay to share?


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In an unexpected twist (for those of us who didn't pay attention to the Bulldogs! kickstarter), there's a new Transmission out today!

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"Ghost in the Shell" - coming out in 2017. The trailer looks interesting. Maybe some new ideas that could make it into some Technoir campaigns?

I am determined to not let +Jason Brannen be the only Jason who posts to the Technoir community today, so here's are a couple questions:

1. Do you ever have the PCs roll for anything other than placing an adjective on another character or treating an injury?

2. Do you ever have the PCs roll when nobody's actively opposing them, but it really feels like someone should be rolling?

I know that the rules say that if something isn't opposed by someone else, and you're not trying to place an adjective, you shouldn't have to roll, but there were a few moments in my Technoir one-shot that left us scratching our heads over these guidelines. Like, right in the first scene, some bad guys with guns jumped the PCs' meeting, and a player said, "I want to hack a nearby crane to drop something in their way." It did sort of place an adjective on multiple NPCs at once (they were "cut off" or something along those lines), but it wasn't clear who or what to roll against – the Hack verb of the person who programmed the crane? The Observe verb of the guys who were trying to catch up to them? We had a similar question later when that same PC tried to hack some automated drones that weren't actively being operated by anyone else...

Thanks in advance!

Technoir Play Report from Acadecon 2016.  5 players.

I ran a six hour session of TN that included character creation.  My character creation experience went much better than last time as I printed out contact sheets for every player.  I used my own custom Transmission MegaTokyo.

The three elements were a white-out, an Artificial Person run amok, and the P.L.O.T. device.  I associated these as the PLOT device caused the AP to run out of control and it was totally covered up by the main manufacturers of APs, Menon.

Before character creation, I tried to emphasize the feel of TN:  Hard-boiled cyberpunk.  The first part of the game went OK, but it didn't capture the 'feel' of TN.  I let them go on with what they wanted to do which was standard investigation procedures  for about an hour and a half/two hours.  I stopped the game, we then took a break and I re-empasized the feel of Technoir and walked away from the table to let them talk in privacy and stuff for a few minutes.

When we started up again, things went much better.  They started to work the contacts.  They got hurt.  The first combat was between two corrupt cops working over a former dirty cop PC under a lamp post in the middle of the night to get him to lay off the investigation of the incident about 4 hours into the game.  One of the players was texting with a friend and when he described the game at that point his friend texted back "Everything about that sounds awesome!  I'm jealous."

They were eventually successful in discovering the conspiracy and reporting back to the Geisha-Ninja who had employed them.  We had about 15 minutes left, we were at a natural stopping point, so we ended the game there.  We did some feedback and it was positive.  There was some confusion over how to use the tags and apply them to people and things, but once they saw it done once or twice, they caught on.  We had an active push dice economy, which was a nice change from my first play experience.

Overall, a good experience and I made sure they had the information they needed to find the resources in case they wanted to try it.

Does anyone on here actually still play Technoir online? I'm looking for an active online game.

It's not all happy play reports in the world of Technoir; there are gritty, dystopian questions about rules mechanics, too! Perhaps some of you wise veterans can clear up my questions that arose playing for the first time this weekend?

+ I've already figured out my first problem; somehow I brain-farted when I got to the table, and confused "discharging" dice with "spending" dice. In other words, every discharged Push die got spent. Wow, that was an active Push economy...

+ Like many, I'm a bit unclear about how to handle lethal or incapacitating adjectives. I understand that the narrative severity of an adjective has to match its mechanical severity, so that you can't drop a "disintegrated" Fleeting adjective on anybody. And I get that you can pay Push dice to kill a Henchman in one shot. But is there a standard on how many separate actions it takes to knock down a Heavy permanently? Is it ever ok for a character with 2 Push dice to Locked-kill a Heavy in one shot?

+ Restoration moves: what about NPCs/antagonists? Does the GM roll restoration moves for wounded NPCs, too?

+ In my game, the PCs shot a baddie and paid to make it Sticky. After the scene, they captured him and wanted to heal him so that they could question them. The Restoration moves just talks about Protagonists, I believe...I just let the team's doctor heal him and charged them 1 Kred in medical supplies. Is there a standard rule for what I should have done?

+ Finally: does the GM have one pool of Push dice, or separate pools for different antagonists? Does the GM charge/discharge these dice, and if so when? Can the GM use a Push die to boost the reaction of one NPC, then use that same die to benefit the attack of a second NPC later in the sequence?

Thanks in advance, folks! We really like this game, and I think we'll like it even more once I'm actually GM'ing by the rules... :-D
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