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Mote 1.11.3 is out via auto-update.

We've also updated the installers on the website, as 3 out of 4 of the major components of the package, have been updated recently.

Thank you.

We'd like to inform everyone that the testing period for Sandstorm is nearing it's end. We don't have a specific date yet, but we're gunning to go live before Christmas.

As you all know, we've been steadily working toward this for quite some time, pegging the next phases of our development plan, on the success of Sandstorm. We'll have more details on these, when we set the definite date.

We hope for your continued support of our work. Thanks guys :)

Download help PLEASE

I have version 1.5.2, how do I download the latest version?

I've tried to goto but the site doesn't come up for me.

I'm using McAfee Antivirus if that helps.

What am I doing wrong?

Anyone still using 32-bit Linux here? We're mulling dropping support for it, to cut down on our packaging processes.

We are doing a "hack" release updating Class Act, and several parts of the runtime environment via the Mote path. CA has a flaw in its update process, which we try to correct via this release. So if you see "1.11.4" , please ignore that bit as Mote is still at 1.11.3, but do proceed with the update.

OS X users, we've updated the installers on the web site. We apologize, but please reinstall using that. We've discovered that a recent OS X update made the method of querying updates for CA, fail. We've since mimicked the process Mote uses, which still works.

Hopefully Class Act will work in your environments, and auto-update correctly, once that's done.



1.11.2 is out via auto-update. This package also fixes Class Act.

Note: OS X users need to launch Class Act, in order for it to be updated because it is a separate app from Mote.


hey, does anyone have a good, short script that displays an input dialog w/ a combo box? Need it to test.


1.11.1 is available via auto-update

Thanks :)

We had time to make another build before the weekend.

Mote, is another bug fix release, via automatic update, just to make sure your weekend usage is a little better ;)

Thanks guys.

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Mote 1.11 is good to go!

Since it's a major update, it is available both as an installer on our homepage (, as well as via automatic update.

There's quite a bit in this, so do go over the change log and blog posts.

Anyway, enjoy the update and the upcoming weekend guys :)

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