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1.7.10 is out via installer.

Sorry guys, to troubleshoot a reported obscure issue, we've downgraded the runtime to Java 8u101, necessitating an uninstall, and the use of the latest installers.

Class Act is out, fixing a couple of reported bugs.

To update, use the button from within the application. Let us know if there're any issues.

Thanks. is out via update.

Thanks for the reports and enjoy.

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The repaired installers for 1.7.9 are now available for download at our site.

We apologize again for the inconvenience.


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1.7.9 is being repackaged due to an issue with the update links. ETR will be within 2 days. Thanks.

1.7.9 is out via installers. We suggest uninstalling, as the runtime elements have been updated to support new elements. And once you're done installing, run the cleaner, as app preferences have been expanded, as well.

Coming in this package is version 1.0 of Class Act, our promised actor generator (a.k.a. token maker). We hope you all like it!

Thanks and everyone have a great weekend ahead :)

We're sorry for the inconvenience, but we'll be rebuilding the 1.7.9 installers due to compromised update links.

These new installers will incorporate the fix in, and will retain this latest version #.

ETR for these will be within a day or 2.


I dont supose anyone would know why this isn't working?

[h: nrOfDice = 2]
[h: props = props.allKeys("12step")]
[h: xInput = input("xmodifier|0|Roll modifier",
"stat|"+props+"|Select Base Stat|LIST|VALUE=STRING")]
[h: abort(xInput)]
[h: xstat = props.get(stat)]

[h: sum = 0]
[r, count(nrOfDice, " "), code: {
[h: rolled = 1d6]
[h: sum = sum + rolled]
[r: strformat("<img src='%s' />", tables.image("D6", rolled, 40))]

<font color=blue>+ <B>[r:stat]:</B>[r:xstat] +<B>Modifier:</B> [r:xmodifier] =<B>Total:</B>[r:sum+xstat+xmodifier]</font>

It gives me

Parser Error
Error executing props.allKeys: the token name or id 12step is unknown.
Options: h
Error on: props = props.allKeys("12step")

12step is the name of the campaign properties i wanna get, is this not how we do that now and if not, how do you get that?

It's now 3 months since the last time I asked, which seems a good compromise between being a nuisance and regular news feed ;-)

So what's the stage of Token Studio, Sandstorm and Sift by now ?

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John Waite has released his 5e framework for everyone to enjoy :)

The file, and discussion, can be found the thread below.

Thanks John ^_^

1.7.8 is out via update, just in time for the weekend :)

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