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I can't it is find, please helf me

What are everyones thoughts on Apple's Classroom App?

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Here are some strategies you can use with Notability to sync with Google Drive and have searchable notes in your web browser.

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Why not use my iPad to do my Introduction? If your district or school ever needs help implementing #iPadEd  or #EdTech , I am always here for you! I've helped countless schools in my area implement it #effectively . You can reach me at Totally willing to webinar in!

Some great resources from Apple Education. iTunes Classes focused around teaching various content areas and grade levels with iPads:

What kind of content would you like to see added to the group?

What style cases are you using for your iPads and how do you like them? We have been looking at the ZAGG Folio Case with Keyboard Apple iPad Air 2 for our upcoming 1:1 and wanted to hear some others!

Was there any word on pushing apps to users/devices without Apple IDs in this update or is that down the line?

Hi! Looking forward to sharing with everyone! We have been a 1:1 iPad school since 2012.

iOS 8.3 released today. If you are using the #DEP for managing your devices, make sure to accept the new terms in the portal.
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