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My wife and I have just released our debut EP as "Tic Tic". The Eigenharp has been used a lot on all but one track. We feel it "softenes up" our electro pop sound nicely. Makes things sound more human, I guess. The rest is an Octatrack, Analog Four, Electribe MX and a modular.

We've just started looking at how to perform this live and the Tau will be an even more important part in that setting. So I'm practicing playing a lot these days. Getting better, but, oh, so slowly....

EigenD developers update.
Im continuing to move the toolset for EigenD forward to up to date apis/tools.

EigenD community git repo (branch 2.1), has the following changes completed:
- upgraded to JUCE 5.0.2
- windows upgraded to VS2015 ( VS2012/3 is no longer compatible)
- osx/linux , now using std:c++11
- Steinberg , lastest VST SDK
- upgraded to latest SCONS

Ive prepped it for version tag 2.1.8, but wont be releasing till after more testing, and probably other changes...

Ive also got to consider moving away from deprecated apis, this could involve moving the min target to macOS 10.9

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The other day cleaning and rearranging some keyboards...

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Raspberry PI...
before Christmas I released MEC, and explained that its primary target is microcomputers like BeagleBoneBlack / RaspberryPI.
I didn't do a good job of explaining why... now fortunately Tracktion are joining in the fun, and at NAMM explained why, better then I can :)
Its going to be a fun yeah for Pi/BBB/Bela this year.
p.s. MEC has had quite a few updates, getting more useable by the day :)

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Just listened to the demos of a new physical modelling+sample based hybrid approach for violin simulation. Absurdly realistic. Wondering how well this would work with Eigenharp&Co when played in realtime...

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While we are at unusal expressive electronic instruments - the "Chimera" looks also interesting!

Quite the fans of open source synthesizers occurrently, interesting LV2 plugins they have!

This reminds me of the still-unread SuperCollider book on my shelve... Could be really interesting for physical modelling stuff...

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TouchKeys general release, now a commercial company...
perhaps a way to add a bit more 'life' into your existing keyboard.
limitations are:
- not 3d... missing pressure, which is probably what I use most.
- seems a little expensive, DIY kit - 49 keys = 600 GBP, 61 keys = 780 GBP.
- install looks a bit 'fiddly' ... sticking things nice and straight to 61 keys, thats a lot to get wrong/right.

tricky, if you have a hardware synth which your using as a keyboard controller too, perhaps this is a nice way to extend its usefulness as a 'master controller', whilst not taking up more space in your studio.
sure, its not going to turn it into a Seaboard, but still, it would be fun to say control u-he diva with cutoff on Y from your keyboard.

anyway, more MPE exposure, 2017 is looking hot :)

someone PM'd me here regarding installing EigenD on a MBP, unfortunately, I cannot find the message now ... sorry :(
can you make a post on this community page, and I can support from here.

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Since we're all interested in expressive controllers, I thought it would be ok to post this here.

I've got a small number of refurbished full-sized LinnStruments available for European customers: €1199, that's €490 off. Perfect condition with new touch surfaces and new top panels with printed Sequencer parameters.

I've run into an issue I'm unable to solve. If I load a setup in EigenD, everything is fine. BUT, if I then open up Workbench I get a blinking green light within a minute or so. It also happens if I load MainStage after starting EigenD. However, If I first load MainStage, and don't switch patches or open Workbench, it works.

Community release 2.1.2 on OSX 10.11.6. I have tried to reinstall EigenD and remove all my setups, etc. All I need to do to get the error is to load a blank setup, open workbench and add the alpha manager. If I wait a minute or so it will fail.

To make things even stranger, the Tau default setup don't appear to have this issue. I can load that setup and open both workbench and MainStage without getting the light.

I am all out of ideas. I was working on a new setup when this started happening. But my "old" setup I haven't touched in months have the same problem. As far as I know I have not made any changes on my mac in quite some time, and have been using the Tau almost daily without encountering this before. On my Win10 laptop everything works fine.

Anyone encountered this before? Or have any ideas for what I could do to track it down?
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