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I've been remiss in churning out new how-to videos lately. So, I invite you all to request tutorials to assist my brain in coming up with topics.

The Blue Juice Jubilee Variety Show has had regular Pixlr tutorials on the shows, so check out those programs for more if you cannot wait for standalone ones. The description/show more area of almost every one of them has time-stamps you can click to jump to the parts you want to see. Here is the link to the playlist of shows.

Terry, thank you sir for adding me, and hello to everyone. I've been getting to know Pixlr Editor recently, and I'm hoping to pick up some tips.

Thanks for the add Terry

Thanks for the add and great to be here! I have a couple friends who just love Pixlr, and I always like to find resources that are handy for entrepreneurs building on a budget particularly.

I am a southern girl living in NE Tennessee, love to share great content, have a passion for building rich relationships, and look forward to getting to know you more!

Thanks so much for the add :)

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In this tutorial, we will punch holes in an upper layer to reveal the layer below through those holes!
We will be using a layer mask to do this, and converting some text to pixels so we can use it as our cookie cutter! We will also make some shapes and do some hole cutting with those.

For more video tutorials visit

Get a checklist of the steps involved that you can print out or check off in your browser here:

Happy hole punching!

+Terry Leigh Britton please would you advise me about something? I often want to manipulate an area of an existing image, eg fill a region with colour or colour gradient.

I use the 'lassoo' tool to outline the area, and I get my 'marching ants'. But sometimes my hand does not pick up exactly what I want and the marching ants line may go too far outside the area or too far inside it. I would like to be able to correct it exactly so that there is less rubbing out or filling in afterwards.

I used to know how to make a kind of 'mask' in photoshop and use the pencil or rubber to adjust where the marching ants line would end up. But I do not know how to do that in Pixlr.

I am happy to google for the info, but I do not know what the term is for doing this. Could you advise, please?

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Editing Lower Third Graphic Using Pixlr's Editor - 2nd Session

Credit goes to VectorPortal for the bird graphic.

#pixlr   #tutorial   #lowerthirds  

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Editing Lower Third Graphic Using Pixlr's Editor - 1st Session

Credit goes to OpenClips for the Egret image.

How to draw a circle around something and then colour the line?
I am missing the Edit/Stroke that I know from photoshop. I can make my circle around an object to emphasize it, but cannot colour the outline of the circle. +Terry Leigh Britton please help.
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