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Welcome to Monsters University.  If you have any questions, merely ask. If there is any bullying, contact me immediately.  Have fun! 

Office of Greek Life: 

The Greek Life office at Monsters University exists to empower brothers and sisters of the Greek community to develop the whole monster.  Our dedicated advisers promote excellence in life decision-making, with a focus on the values of scholarship, friendship, leadership, and service.


Each fall for hundreds of years, Rush Week has allowed new arrivals at Monsters University to spend some time getting to know the Greek Organizations on campus. Participation is crucial, as MU endeavors to make sure each match is a good match and each student finds a fitting family of brothers or sisters. 


Jaws Theta Chi (JOX)
Roar Omega Roar (ROR)
Omega Howl (OH)
Gamma Roar Roar (GRR) 
Slugma Oozma Python (EOP)
Oozma Kappa (OK)


Slugma Slugma Kappa (EEK)
Slugma Kappa Theta (EKO)
Eta Hiss Hiss (HSS)
Chi Phi Argma (XOA)
Python Nu Kappa (PNK)
Argma Slugma Argma (AEA)

No picture yet,, sorry guys

Name: Mallory Creepsley

Type: monster

University: MU

Age: 20

Likes: stars, space, astronomy

Dislikes: math, art class

Bio: A typical guy, he loves astronomy and astrology. 4'6, a small guy who likes to party ((and by party I mean sit quietly in his room reading and doing homework)). He never wants to be a scared, he thinks that scaring is kind of mean and they should find an alternative to it soon if possiblen

I would just like to ask if this community is still active?

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Willow had just walked out of the dorm rooms her tail swaying back and forth as she walked along to path to get to her class, her ears flick around catching the different sounds around her, she holds a book close to her. Her foot falls are silent because of her small feet and her ability to be quiet, her white eyes look around before she starts climbing the steps to the scare building she, then senses someone getting close to her and quickly moves out of the way using her agile body to move, she looks at the monster with cold white eyes (Open RP)

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Name: Alorra Evenleggs
Type: monster
University: MU
Age: 16
Likes: drawing
Dislikes: unknown
Bio: is a classmate in monsters university as a science assistant

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Name: Willow Grim 
Gender: Female 
Age: 21
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Height: 5 Feet 6 Inches
Weight: 114 Pounds
 Professor or Student: Student 
Grade: Junior
Major: Scareing
 Minor: Literature  
 Fraternity or Sorority: None
 Biography: Willow  grew up in a household, with many siblings she is the darkest of her siblings causing her parents to want her to be scarer even though she didn't want to at first then she studied it in her free time and the major grew on her so she did as he parents said. She doesn't talk much, and she has a dark air around her so other monsters don't approach her very easily. She wasn't use to the campus life seeing as she went to a private school all her life, she was very nervous when she came to the university and she still kind of is but she has gotten use to the more open atmosphere

Hope this is good enough, I was dying to use this character and was happy when I found your Rp community 
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Name: Naomi Jackson
Gender: female
Age: unknown
Height: unknown
Weight: unknown
Professor or student: student
Grade: College?! Idk
Major: unknown
Minor: unknown
Fraternity or sorority: PNK ~I think that's what you meant
Bio: Naomi Jackson is the youngest of the PNK's and has purple hair and skin.

I hope this was ok :3

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Name: Kennedy Taylor
Gender: Female
Age: Twenty-Seven
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian
Occupation: Professor
English Major 
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 135lbs
Personality: Kennedy is a highly intelligent Profession.  She is wise and slightly conceded.  Her cocky attire is what lures many, but not one can tell that it is due to her insecurities.  When she meets someone of interest, she shies away as quickly as possible.  She has a bad temper, and a terrible habit at running from her problems instead of confronting them.  
Fears: Thunder, Embarrassment, Drinking.  
Kennedy was a child whom was always at the top of her class as a student.  She grew up with abusive parents, and in order to escape, she went off to college the moment she graduated.  She obtained her Masters Degree, and now teaches at Monsters University as an English Professor.  Quickly, she peeks the interest of one of her students, Johnny Worthington III, whom is not doing too well.  She later falls for him as she tutors him in order to save him from failing out.  
Extra: Each Professor is allowed to support one Fraternity or Sorority, and she has chosen ROR.  She supports Roar Omega Roar with a loving heart.  She defends them, even in moments of wrongs.  Due to her love for each member, despite how obnoxious Worthington is with his flirting, she strives to stand by their side.
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