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Dungeon Blanks V - Diagonal Halls and Rooms! Out now on +Roll20 #RPG

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Easy to browse images for the Dungeon Arts products that will be ported to MapForge's Add-On format can be found on this page.
Dungeon Arts
Dungeon Arts

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Announcing the next generation of Battlegrounds virtual tabletop software! Check out the Kickstarter campaign, and help the system-agnostic Battlegrounds VT get back on the Mac, offer a free level of play (if a Stretch Goal is met), and other worthy goals. Perfect for playing online or in face-to-face game sessions. Use all your DungeonArts content in an interactive manner and show off their hi-res detail.

Are you going to make more cavern maps with more gentle curves this time instead of sharp turns? its rather annoying esspecially when trying to make a spiral.

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Looking for a great virtual tabletop program for playing RPGs online, or for using at face-to-face game sessions with a projector or HDTV?

Then take a look at Battlegrounds: RPG Edition (aka BRPG). Regardless of whether you play D&D, Pathfinder, GURPS, Savage Worlds, or pretty much any RPG system, BRPG has a lot to offer.

Highly configurable and incredibly versatile, yet you'll never have to do any scripting, XML editing, or programming of any sort. Includes support for artpacks, audio and animation. Continually updated and supported for the last 10 years.

Check it out!

For more information:

Heya Greytale,

Would it be OK if I were to place a BRPG promo post here?

I just rejoined Roll20 and found your awesome cavern tiles (and subsequently all of your other awesome tiles which are on my To Purchase list).  Any chance you might do some "residential"-type tiles, wood floors/walls, etc, suitable for inns and houses and shoppes and such?

Any chance we'll be lucky enough to see a Dungeon Blanks V in the near future?

I see you can use this for roll20. How about Fantasy Grounds?

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