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Listen to me and listen now
Im am not to be picked on .
Im not to be trifled with.
I can be caring
I can be sensitive.
But know this,if you
Touch a hair on me or
Anything i hold dear i will rip you to shreds
You can't outrun me forever
You cant hide all your life
So run
Ask for help
Just know when I catch you nothing on
this earth will stop me from ripping you apart, i am me.
I am the end of you

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So many of us have grown we are here for each other i am no alpha i cant give you knowledge that a real alpha can but i can tell you this people will try to tame you they will try to cage you but know this,they will never tame us for we are not as human as we appear it is in our nature to be kind and caring but dont tempt us for we are the most relentless and most powerful creature you will ever fear

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What up people
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