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An interesting debate about the benefits of using Minecraft in schools:

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On Thursday June 22, 2017, Vance and Bobbi Stevens, Domagoj and +Marijana Smolcec, +Dakotah Redstone, +Maha Abdelmoneim, and +Mircea Patrascu appeared in-world in Minecraft as part of an EVO Minecraft MOOC team to give a presentation by all accounts well received at SL MOOC 2017, hosted by +Nellie Deutsch - Ed.D, +Nan Zingrone and taking place in Second Life. (+Beth S O'Connell was planning to join us but was called away at the last minute to a meeting in RL). For details and artifacts from the event, see

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#Learning2gether episode 370 is hosting a live stream from the #evomc17 EVO Minecraft MOOC Minecraft server at 1800 UTC Wed June 21 for practice, and at 1400 UTC on Thu June 22, the real thing with +Marijana Smolcec and +Beth S O'Connell, at this month's Second Life MOOC. You are all are invited to attend either or both.

Please visit for details on how to join us at Vance's YouTube channel or at for live online help and guidance.

Also see the #SLMOOC17 program at for information on how to join this and other events there, now through end of June.

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Hi folks, the Tutorial World in Minecraft Education Edition is rife with opportunities to use English, but I find that my students often act on instinct, don't read the instructions, and break the tutorial displays before studying them. So I made them a tutorial. Feel free to share, and feedback appreciated.

Hi guys, I need your help. Where I work we've just acquired some Microsoft Education Edition licenses to use on our Windows 10 computers. The students log in through their Office 365 accounts. This works on some of our installations but on others, the majority of them, the Minecraft sign in through my organization's sign in page doesn't work. That is, on some W10 machines, we can log in at our sign in page; other W10 pcs in the same room do not accept the credentials even though we can log in to other Office 365 apps on the same machines - only the Minecraft login doesn't work - any suggestions?

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I guess I have been living under a rock a little more than usual... did anyone else notice this? [apparently a couple of new books for beginners coming out, I am liking what I see from the excerpt... have to find a few wazooleans under the couch cushions :) ]

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Here is the video from the #VRTWebcon presentation organized by +David Dodgson, with myself and +Jeff Kuhn as featured speakers. Filip and +Marijana Smolcec were also there. +Linda Gielen spoke at length, while +Dakota Redstone and +Mircea Patrascu popped around in the back and foreground. Hope I didn't miss anyone :-) Find the show notes at #learning2gether

It was great hearing some familiar voices today at the virtual roundtable, as well as hearing some great stories about teaching/learning/gaming. I have not been in minecraft in so long, I have forgotten how to play :(

I will be on the EVO mooc for some (re)learning Minecraft time starting a few hours after this message posts to the Google+ page. I want to specifically look at how knowledge can be retained within the build... written book(?) I think the item I have in mind is called; as well as signs. I have used command blocks before, for this kind of thing, but as a player on someone else's server in this case, that is not an option, and would not be for students in a typical scenario.
Maybe simply surviving while trying to remember where things are will be the challenge. See you in world!


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For its episode 368 #learning2gether will be monitoring, and participating in, the 9th VRT WebCon #vrtwebcon Fri May 5 1230 UTC thru Sun May 7 1600 UTC hosted as always by @heikephilp.

Learning2gether and #webheadsinaction feature prominently; e.g. on Friday 1400 UTC Nik Peachey gives a keynote on Digital tools for autonomous teacher development, and at 1700 UTC, +David Dodgson, +Jeff Kuhn, and Vance Stevens present from in-world on the EVO Minecraft MOOC server, while screen sharing on Adobe Connect. Then at 1400 UTC Saturday Nicky Hockly, Amany AlKhayat, Ayat Tawel and Hanaa M. Khamis check in from a NileTESOL LTSIG Symposium.

See the full VRTWebcon schedule at Presentations take place in and there is more information on Learning2gether events, including times where you are, at

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Hello all!

This weekend sees the 9th edition of the Virtual Round Table Webcon and Minecraft MOOC will be present for a symposium. Our confirmed time and date is 5pm GMT on Friday, 5th May.

Obviously this is not far away! Jeff, Vance, and I will lead the session from our server (broadcasting live to Adobe Connect) and we would love to have as many Minecraft MOOC participants as possible join us.

It would be great if you could also share your experiences of playing the game, learning the game, and participating in the MOOC. Or, if you prefer, just join us for a tour of the server and to listen in.

Please leave a comment if you can make it. More detail about the conference (programme has not ben published yet) can be found here:

Hope to see you on Friday!

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