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I share my article that has just been published in the scientific Journal of Information Technology Education: Innovations in Practice with the title: Categorizing the Educational Affordances of 3-Dimensional Immersive Digital Environments .. with my dear teachers: Juan C Valdés Godínes, Paul Rudman. ... This paper provides a general-purpose categorization scheme for assessing the utility of new and emerging three-dimensional immersive digital environments (3D-IDEs), along with specific pedagogic approaches that are known to work. It argues for the use of 3D-IDEs on the basis of their ludic appeal and ability to provide intrinsic motivation to the learner, and their openness that allows the learner to gain a more holistic understanding of a topic.

Just came across this resource document. Lots of resources and ideas for using Minecraft with world languages:
Minecraft for World Language Teachers
Lesson Plans- Resource Document -

I wonder if someone here can help me with a problem we are having running Minecraft Education Edition in our LAN setting. The problem is that students running Minecraft at the computers are not able to join each other's games. In some cases they cannot even see each other's computers, but in other instances the computers can detect each other (they show the user names of the students at other computers), but when the students attempt to join each other's games in progress, they get a communication error. We have checked in all cases that the students have enabled multiplayer, but they are never able to play in multiplayer mode.

Can anyone advise on what might cause this and how we can troubleshoot and repair the problem? Thanks if you can help :-)

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In case you missed the in-world tour of EVO Minecraft MOOC at the recent Virtual Round Table #vrtwebcon, I made a YouTube video from the Adobe recording. It's embedded at the #Learning2gether Episode 393 archive of the event at Hope you enjoy it :-)

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A few screenshots from Vance and Jane's tour of Minecraft for their presentation for the vlanguage conference.

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Learning2gether episode 393 will begin at 1400 UTC on Sunday, Apr 29 as part of the Apr 27-29 10th Virtual Round Table and 9th vLanguages-SLanguages Web Conference. You can search for our presentation "Preparing Teachers to Engage Learners with EVO Minecraft MOOC" in the #vrtwebcon program here:

We will be warping and teleporting to various interesting sites on our Minecraft server. During the event, you can join us in Minecraft if you are whitelisted there, or watch the tour and chat with us at the Adobe presentation venue,; or you can watch the livestream on

Our presentation is followed at 15:30 UTC by a Workshop on How to build in Minecraft. It's free but places are limited, so you need to register at You need to have a Mojang login to participate hands-on at the server.

For more information on just this #evomc18 event visit

Or, as this event moves up in the queue find the next #learning2gether event listed at

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Here are places we can visit on the 29th for the webinar. Vance took me on a ride down the river and we got to the magnificent BIG FIRE! It was BEAUTIFUL! You'd have to see for yourself! We also visited Polar Bear Viewing Site, the campfire, and the Green Tower. Mircea showed Aaron and me the monument that he built during 2016. It was lots of fun visiting different places!
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