Hi EVO MC Members,

I just wanted to let everyone know how much I enjoyed being a part of this group. I had so much fun participating in community building and developing such great relationships across the globe.

My husband and I decided to make a change in our lives, and are leaving our school and K12 education at the end of the year. We don't know yet where we will end up, but we are starting our search for new jobs in different professions or in higher education.

Once June arrives, I will no longer have access to my school email address and could possibly lose access to this group. I wish the best for everyone and hope to reconnect in other ways in the future!

Take care and mine on!

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Vance Stevens and +Jane Chien present EVO Minecraft MOOC at the Best of EVO panel at the CALL-IS Technology Fair on March 28, 2018, at the TESOL International Conference in Chicago. For more information, visit the online handout for the presentation here, https://tinyurl.com/bestofevo.

The video is from the webcast of the panel, one of many whose links you can find posted at http://callis2018.pbworks.com/

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Responding to an invitation from +Kim Harrison I got up this morning at 5 a.m. my time to attend the VSTE VE PLN meeting I announced on #learning2gether here http://learning2gether.pbworks.com/w/page/32206114/volunteersneeded#TueApr100030UTCVSTEVEPLNmeetingonlessonideasforusingMinecraftinschoolsettings. I came in on the tail end of a tour of a display of builds illustrating "lesson ideas for using Minecraft in school settings." I flew around and took some screenshots. If you can get on the VSTE Minecraft Server, you can /warp schoolwork to find the display. Personally I want to go back and try the railroad which appears similar to something +Mircea Patrascu once built for us in #evomc15
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In preparation for our Real Life Meet up at TESOL 2018, I copied the server files to a much larger hard drive and restarted dynmap. If you have some time this week, please play to help the map repopulate. The web address is the same as the server address just add :8123 for the port. Here's a direct link to the survival map -- http://mc.evomc.net:8123/?worldname=Electronic%20Village%20Online%20Survival#

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EVO Minecraft MOOC is in TESOL Chicago, where +Jeff Kuhn, +Jane Chien, +Aaron Schwartz and I will be streaming live as #learning2gether episode 360 from #TESOL2018 on March 28 from 1500 UTC, thanks to #evomc18 participant +Heike Philp, in Adobe Connect, http://lancelot.adobeconnect.com/guinevere

Shoot the QR code in the handout, which takes you to https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QYq0cf-ACkFO6f0jv9uRZc5qNWf3kYKZTwanWvrhqK8/edit?usp=sharing for more information. Recordings will be shared afterwards on our Live Events page http://missions4evomc.pbworks.com/w/page/121439859/2018_Live_Events.

If you can join us live in Minecraft, come there, and use Discord, if you want to speak to us in the stream.

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Built-in thematic based vocabulary learning environment on Minecraft.

I'd like to share a random thought before I forget.

I am a strong believer of thematic based vocabulary learning as opposed to semantic clusters. It's true that we learn numbers and colors using semantic clustering; however, aside from that, I think learners remember words faster/better when they are presented under a specific schema. At lease this is what I believe how we built our vocabulary as we grew up.

Thematic vocabulary sets refer to a group of words that belong to a specific schema. In minecraft, to make a bed, learners need to wooden planks and wool. To get wool, we can shear a sheep to get wool or to craft wool from strings. Here "bed, wool, wood planks, string, sheep, and shear" are thematic sets.

Sure there are things that are present in semantic sets such as different types of wood planks, but you'd only come across one or two types of wood at a time. You don't remember all different types at once (as presented in textbooks). Some particular types of wood planks only exist in certain biomes.

Unlike EFL textbook curriculum where vocabulary are often introduced with semantic clusters so that sentence patterns can be practiced by drill and kill activities replacing words in semantic sets, learning new vocabulary in minecraft is more meaningful and situated within context relevant to the players.

Of course, this would apply to any other similar types of gaming. Please feel free to comment or disagree. =)

What are some thematic vocabulary for throwing a birthday party on MC?


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when you see a large brick building... you never know what might be inside...
(I was looking through some old save files for the design details of a ship model I had worked on a couple years back, and poked around inside the buildings on campus... lol, sometimes not having a memory can be fun )

Making a case of vocabulary learning via Minecraft videos and playing Minecraft.

A learner needs to encounter a vocabulary for more than seven times for incidental vocabulary learning to take place. The number of times of retrieval of a word meaning is what matters. With this in mind, after a closer look at one single Minecraft video, I found that some target vocabulary occur more than seven times (I'm not counting the function words).
For example, the word “lamp” is a required vocabulary listed in the elementary school English curriculum in Taiwan (which only occured 3 times in the textbook). The word "lamp" has occurred 26 times within several minutes in the video. My guess is that this would not normally occur in a National Geographic video where the narrative are usually pre-edited to be succinct and to the point. The Minecraft gamers’ monologues are spontaneous speech and contain redundancies that provide repeated exposure to certain vocabulary in a short amount of time.
Here's an example of the word "portal" that is mentioned repeatedly.

8 portals 8 brand-new portals in our
Minecraft world and we have to find
emeralds in every portal ladies and
gentlemen let's get started on this
beautiful map called 8 portals so
welcome to 8 portals let's watch this
beautiful introduction welcome to the 8
portals you have to find all emeralds
okay okay I got that okay Indy portals
are different worlds okay so basically
every portal is a different world in
every world there are eight emeralds and
we have to find eight emeralds in each
world and there's eight portals can you
find them all

By the way, this is from unspeakablegaming's video. Mattie has been watching his channel lately. +Don Carroll What do you think?

I recently connected with Robert Swier, a Ph.D. candidate at Kyoto University who is working on MC interaction with language learners. He published a paper in 2014 in the JALT CALL Journal. I'll try to upload that to my google+ page then provide a link here.

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