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+Epic Marshtomp​​​ and I are your two teachers here at the 50th Nome in Alaska. Here are the rules.

First pick your patron god the gods are

Ra the sun god
Horus the war god
Isis the wife of Osiris
Osiris god of the afterlife
Anubis god of dead
Set god of clevil
Bes god of dwarfs
Apophis god of chaos
Babi god of baboons
Bast goddess of cats
Geb god of earth
Hapi god of the Nile
Khonsu god of the moon
Mekhit minor lion goddess
Neith hunting goddess
Nehkbet vulture goddess
Nut sky goddess
Shekmet the lion goddess
Serqet the scorpion goddess
Shu air god
Sobek the crocodile god
Tawaret the hippo goddess
Thoth the god of knowledge

Next choose your type of magic

Item user

Now the rules rules

No godmoddimg

No being amazing at the start you are new to magic

No hentai or anything above pg 13

Cursing is allowed

Every day you do the roleplay for that days class

Monday: Gods
Friday: U.T.D

I teach gods combat tapping into your gods powers and usinusing the duat

+Epic Marshtomp​ teaches spells shabti and other magical items

Name: Nikki Soul
Nickname: Niks
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Magic Type: Combat
Patron God: Anubis
Preferred Weapon: Staff

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Name: Sam Esther
Age: 17
Spell: Elemental
God: Ra
Bio: Her parents are magician who are being seal away so she was raise by her uncle and aunt in Britain. She later discover her power by accident by triggering all four of her element power by reading a spell and it blow up the Eygypt section of the museum. Good thing no one dies. Her aunt and uncle start to train her.

Name Anarika
Nickname Avocado
Gender Female
Age 10
Magic type Combat
Goddess Isis
Weapon bow and arrow
Likes to read hang with friends
Dislikes Chaos and bullies
Personality strong heart girl that likes to protect her friends and family
Bio she grew up without a dad he she move place to place sometimes goes to school

Name: Jade
Nickname: J
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Magic: combat
Patron God: anubis
Appearance: short, sun tanned black eyes and hair
Weapon: a sword
Likes:privacy and combats
Dislikes: Chaos, backstabbing
Bio: she is very strong and her parents were magicians and they died she doesn't know how and doesn't like to talk about it also

And I'm new 

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My name is Chloe Sharma

she wolf



Music is so very good for your Life let the beat Carry your Sadness away
Well i play the Guitar so yeah Guitar

well first of all Set
Second of all Zia Rashid

Patron God:
Nut the sky godess

Magic Type:

Somtimes very hard to understand
Loyal to all

Brown hair with a long streak of blue
Hazel nut eyes
Brownish skin

How Should i know?


where can i start Oh yeah, Chloe is the bloed of a phoaroh and the host of Nut the sky godess. Chloe was born from a poor family and was abdonned in a orphonage in New York.

Chloe was called to join the house of brooklyne, so she left the orphonage and left for brooklyne.

Chloe's ba is a blue glowing bird
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Name: Naomi (Ni-o-mi, not nay-o-mi)
Nicknames: Strictly no nicknames
Age: 16
Patron Goddess: Neith
Magic: Spells
Personality: Serious and uptight, loyal, can be funny sometimes
Other Stuff: Naomi is the host of Neith and her parents were magicians, but they told her who she was early on.

Naomi gets to class early and sits down to read a book. You see her in there alone and sit next to her

"Oh gods, I'm late!!" The brunette ran as fast as she could down the hallway to where she heard the Gods Class was. It was her first day in school after being told that she was part Egyption, and yet she was late. 'Way to make a good first impression, bro', she thought to herself. Finally, after what seemed like forever, she stopped in front of the classroom and took a deep breath, only to look inside and find it empty. "...wait, what?"

Open RP, since no one seems to be doing anything and I'm bored.

Name Lyric
Nickname (None)
Gender female
Age 13 nearly 14
Magic type item user
Patron god isis
Preferred weapon
Likes -quests,reading,magic,friends
Dislikes -arguing
Personality- fast,fierce,worried and shy when confronted
Bio-my mum was a magician but my dad never knew
Soon my mum died and my father had to look after me and that's all I really remember (this was when I was 5)
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