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Breaking Sims 3 News

Sad and good news from my family First the bad news Meadow Rhodes has died in a fire caused by the fireplace in the living room, 2 sims where trying to extinguish her but it was too late and we did not have any showers on the lot so I tried having her run outside but she died with in 20 seconds of running out the door! Funereal dates are still unknown but sims will be evacuated from their home and live in a new home soon the ashes of Meadow will remain on the lot but in a boarded up area her grave will also remain on the lot as it will be her resting place! now for the good news is that Meeko Raccoon is pregnant with her ra-kittens the emote came in today at 12:23 PM sims time right before Meadow died the ra-kittens are the first of their kind half Raccoon half kitten! 

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Reshare if you are a girl and love to play video games (Sims counts)
Sou eu. It's I.
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Hey, it's AmethystPuppie! ^^ I play the sims!

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